Make Life Easier – The Fastest Way to Make Life Easier

Today, I am going to be talking about how to make life easier.

Do not get me wrong. The advice in this video is not going to INSTANTLY transform your life and make all your problems go away.

What it’s going to do is give you an understanding of how you can consciously make life easier by understanding the two different actions you can take in the face of adversity.

Facing Adversity? – Two Powerful Mindsets!

There are only two actions you can take in the face of adversity or difficulty. That’s either persistence or letting go. I’m going to describe each one of them and what they look like so you can understand how to use either one of those actions when appropriate.

First, persistence!

“Here’s a problem and it’s a difficult problem. It’s going to take my own personal growth, learning new things, time and effort, failure, and multiple attempts to get it done. BUT, it’s ABSOLUTELY worth it and I am a hundred percent committed to doing all the things necessary to get the result on the other side of this difficulty.”

“So, let’s do this thing. I am ready. I am EXCITED. This is going to be fun and challenging. This is going to grow me and my experience. I am excited. Let us go!”

That’s PERSISTENCE. That’s a difficult problem coming at you. You are assessing that it is worth surmounting and then making a commitment to do so. In which case, you can now joyously be in the breakdown and exist inside of the difficulty, the hardship, or the trials that come along with growth and ultimately with receiving greater results in your life.

That’s persistence. This is the way to learn how to achieve goals.

Then, there is its counterpoint which is SO critical to understand as well. It’s called: “letting go”.

Letting go looks like this:

“Here’s this thing. It’s really hard and it is causing a lot of STRESS in my life. When I first started taking on this thing or when it first showed up, it was aligned. I really thought I wanted it.

Now, I am starting to see, from a new level of awareness that it does not serve me so much anymore. It is not my highest usage of my time. It’s not for my highest good.

I’m really only holding on to it because I am scared of what is going to happen when I let go of it. Yes, this is something that is not really serving me and I can just let go of it.”

Then, you let go. This is the way to learn how to stop worrying.

So, there are two different things that you can do when there is difficulty in front of you. You can recognize that it’s worth it and you can get COMMITTED to that persistence. Or, you can recognize that it is not worth it. It’s not serving you. It’s not for your highest good and you can let it go. Detach from it and let it out of your awareness.

What I will tell you is not to mistake one for the other. Don’t mistake a situation where you are afraid to be persistent as letting go.

“Oh, this is going to be hard. It’s going to grow me. It’s going to expand me and it’s going to be all these amazing things. It’s fully aligned, but I’m too scared to actually do that. So, I should let go. This is probably something I should let go of. Yes.”

Do NOT let letting go and your understanding of that be a backdoor escape for you to go and shy away from personal growth. That’s the caveat. That is what I would say to keep in mind as you apply this new awareness of persistence and letting go.

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As always, please comment below this video. Please let me know if there are things that you are being persistent about that you realize that you need to let go of. That is usually the case for people who are self-actualized or go-getters. They end up only in persistence and they forget about the letting go.

Please comment below if that has helped you, if you see an area of your life that fits that description, I would love to hear about it. I would love to see the impact of these videos that I am making.

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Noah Hammond

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