A Meditation “How To” – When Bad thoughts Arise

Today, I am going to give you a little meditation advice. We are going to talk about what you do in meditation when bad thoughts arise or when negativity arises.

How to Meditate – Release Negative Thoughts

It’s really quick and simple advice, but it’s a very common question because you will be sitting there in a blissful state and all of a sudden you’ll get these HORRIBLE thoughts!

“I want to murder my boss.”


“I hate my parents.”


“I want to go beat somebody up.”

Something awful, or maybe WAY more awful than that…

What I want you to know is that these thoughts are actually a good thing. People get REALLY frustrated:

“Oh, I have reached this peaceful state for 20 straight minutes and then I think about murdering someone. What’s up with that?”

They think that they are not making progress. But it is actually the OPPOSITE.

When these thoughts come up during meditation, it is those thoughts coming to the surface to be released. It’s old karmas. It might be from this life. It might be from a past life. Whatever it is, it’s coming to the surface so it can be RELEASED.

If you need help releasing emotions, you can also watch my video on How to Feel Good which goes deeper into this topic.

So, if you ever meditated before or if you plan on meditating, trust that these thoughts will come.

When these thoughts come up and you have them – and everybody will – do not make yourself wrong from them. Understand that you are actually progressing exactly as you should be.

It is a really quick advice.

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