Meeting People – How to Meet People and Create Romance

Today’s advice is about how you can meet more men or women. How you can meet more potential romantic interests and how you can bring them into your life.

Meeting People – Avoid the Bar Scene!

Now, a lot of you may be thinking that this is the simplest thing to do. You might think that you simply need to go to the bar or club. Usually, we hear the simple answer: we should go out more.

That is not what I am going to discuss because I think it’s an actual programmed MISCONCEPTION in our society that the bar or the club is where you should be meeting romantic interests.

We do this in college and we get in the habit of it. Then, we leave college and we are in that habit, and humans are creatures of habit, so we keep doing that.

A lot of people are very UNSUCCESSFUL with that. There are several reasons for it…

At the club, nobody is really themselves. At the club, everyone is drinking alcohol. So not only are they under social pressure to be cool or to be a certain way, they are also under alcoholic influence so they might act completely different than they normally would.

Everybody knows somebody who is just one hundred percent a different person when they are under alcohol versus non-alcohol.

More than that, there is no common ground for being there other than looking for the other sex, or dancing. We are all there just to dance. That is what everybody does. We go on the platform, dance and pay EXORBITANT amount of money for alcohol, etc.

Now, this is not obviously one hundred percent of the time true. If you are at a club that has a special musical act, or a special event, or something like that going on, obviously people can be there for that shared interest. That’s what I would recommend as far as going out to bars and clubs. Go for a SPECIFIC reason, something that really draws your PASSION and your interests.

How to Meet People – Feed your Soul!

But the way to meet more men or women and create more potential romantic interests in your life is really about focusing inside instead of focusing outside.

Don’t think about “How can I meet more men?” or “How can I meet more women?”

It is not about what is going on out there. It is about what is going on in HERE. The question becomes: “How can I lead a more interesting life?”

When you start doing that, meeting more men or meeting more women becomes just a natural BY-PRODUCT of the fact that you are being REAL with yourself. The fact that you, on a daily or weekly basis are attending things that really draw your interest and really feed your SOUL…

You’ll find other people for share common interests with this event, whether this be rock climbing, yoga class, cooking class, martial art class or a lecture…

If you start actualizing in that way and making a constant and consistent effort to go feed your soul with new things that draw your interest, and FEED you and EXPAND you, you are going to find people who are doing the same thing.

There are a lot of great things that happen when you start doing these.

First, you start meeting people who are interested in the same things you are. That is the simple, most fundamental, most basic way that you can spark a romantic interest. It is when you have the same interest in life. When we see people with those, we start to identify them as friends almost immediately.

Another thing is you are going to find other people who are self-actualizing in this way. At the bar or the club, you are finding people who are very much lost…

Again, I am not trying to say do not ever go to the bar or club. If you enjoy doing it, go have fun. I am not telling you how to live your life. But a lot of people, who are consistently there, going out to try to find romantic interests, are actually in a very lost state that is overall NEGATIVE.

If you are putting your interests into something that you don’t want, then you are actually creating MORE of what you do not want.

If the reason you go into the bar or the club is to find a man or find a woman, then you are really putting your interest and your focus on: “I need to find a man. I need to find a woman.”

But if you are going out to do things that interest you, to expand you, you are putting your interest and your focus on: “I want to expand myself. I want to grow. I want to learn. I want to be expressed.”

Therefore, you are going to meet people who are also thinking that way, instead of people who are all in that subtle negative cycle of “I need to find that person. I need to find that person.” The more you are trying to find your Perfect Partner, the more lost they seem to you.

So, there are those two cycles. Really, the way to find more people romantic interests in your life is to be more interested in yourself, in expanding yourself, in growing, in trying new things, and in seeing the world.

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