Natural Medicine – What Does Real, Natural Medicine Look Like?

No, I am not talking about marijuana or cannabis.

I am talking about ALL plants. I am talking about the things that grow out of Mother Earth. There are thousands of different herbs on this planet. A paradigm that I never received until about a year ago was the fact that these plants are our true medicines.

It’s so important to understand this and I’ll give you some quick action steps on how you can start living with this new information.

Natural Medicine – Not for Hippies Only!

First, we have been brought up in the world and were programmed to believe that pharmaceuticals are our medicine. But contrary to popular understanding, pharmaceuticals are not our medicine. They are our POISON.

A pharmaceutical will always have a negative byproduct, a negative result to your body.

Yes, it MIGHT cover up the symptoms of what is going on in you at that moment, but it will always have a LONG TERM negative effect on your body. They are designed that way. They are knowingly designed that way because it makes that industry TRILLIONS of dollars.

I don’t want to get too deeply into that because I am going to consult the expert on the subject, Don Tolman. This man is BRILLIANT.

I am not here to argue with you about the medicines you are taking. What I am here to do is to show you that plants and food are our true medicine. It is what the earth has actually provided for us to take care of ourselves.

Generation, after generation, after generation of human beings have been using them the entire existence of our species, up until the early 1800’s.

The first pharmaceutical ever that was invented was aspirin. Bare aspirin was the first pill to ever be invented in about 1836. Up until then, pharmaceuticals did not exist.

What did people do? They used herbs. They used teas. They smoked herbs. They ingested herbs orally. They put them on their skin.

There are herbs and plants for literally every condition the human body can have. This is actually where they derived all these harmful pharmaceuticals from anyway.

So in 1836, when they invented aspirin, it was made directly from the bark of the willow tree. The Native Americans used this. They would chew the willow tree bark to remove a headache. When aspirin was invented, it was only a ground up, compacted, and pulverized form of this willow tree bark.

Now, here is the problem. When you do the process to a plant, to take it from a plant to a pill, it loses some CORE components.
Now our logical mind can’t really understand this because it’s not a 3-dimensional thing. Yes, ground up, pulverized, processed plant material is technically and genetically the same thing as the plant itself. But the plant loses its life force, its life essence and the spirit of that plant.

The spirit of that plant is what is going to bring your spirit back to harmony.

These plant medicines are functioning on a greater level than the 3-dimensional one we are used to.

I am not talking about things like cannabis. There are THOUSANDS of herbs, acting on everything from headache to indigestion, to skin infections. There are ways to treat it with plants and plant medicine.

That is the main thing that I want to deliver to you…

I actually took about three months of weekly herbal classes, learning about making medicines and harvesting different herbs from my local area. I learned what to look for and how to identify the different families. I learned it from a very wise herb master who can literally identify ANY plant he walks by. He just knows it all.

When I first learned about this, it blew me away. I never knew about that before. The reason is that it’s not in our culture. Our culture is created in a way by which we are told to buy medicines. That’s normal…

Every time you get sick, you have to go to the doctor and he’s supposed to give you antibiotics and all that garbage.

All these feed a multi-trillion industry that benefits from your SUFFERING, from your SICKNESS and from your PAIN.

They are lobbying to create laws that get food into the food supply that are not good for you and etc. I invite you to do the research if you need to.

In this video, I do not want to scare you; I simply want you to know that plants are your medicine.

So, what can you do? You can go to your local stores that serve herbal remedies or have herbs. When you get sick, you can go on Google and you can look for herbal remedies or natural remedies. This is called traditional medicines.

If you look for a traditional medicine, you can find ways to cure basically ANYTHING with hundred percent safe, natural, good for you herbs. Whether it is making teas or making a tincture (distilling the herbs in a solution of alcohol) there is always a way to cure what your ailment is with herbs instead of pharmaceuticals.

Also, food can have an incredible effect on your health so you absolutely want to start eating better. If you want to learn What is Organic Food , you can click on the link to watch another one of my short videos.

I hope this opens some new windows for you. I hope that the next time you are sick, or getting sick, or have some kind of ailment you would like to relieve yourself of, you will go on Google and look for an herbal remedy.

Go to your local store. If you can’t find it there, you’ll find tons of online herbs shops where you can order all the plant medicines you could possibly need.

If you guys have questions, I have a whole notebook filled with answers. I can try to dig up some of my specific remedies.

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Thanks and talk soon!

To Your Success,

Noah Hammond

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