Negative Thoughts – How to Stop Negative Thoughts Dead in Their Tracks!

“You are not good enough.” “You can’t do that.” “You are not smart enough.” “You are not cool enough.” “That’s for somebody else.” “You are not witty enough.” “You are not tall enough.” “You are not thin enough.” “You are not ENOUGH.”


Learn how to get rid of negative thoughts and break through to new levels of possibility and success.

How to Stop Negative Thoughts – Deprogram Yourself!

Today, we’ll talk about how to stop negative thoughts dead in their tracks. We are talking about those thoughts that keep you from living your dreams. We are talking about those thoughts that keep you stuck in the same mundane life that you have been trying to break out of…

The CRAZY thing is that these are only by-products of our sub-conscious programming. As easily as they have been programmed into us, they can be REMOVED.

This is something that most people do not understand. People think that it’s the way their lives are…

“I am always going to be this way. This is how I am.” They judge the beingness of who they are based on their past experiences and what has happened to them so far in life.

But really what has happened to you so far in life has made you who you are at THIS moment. Who you want to be moving forward is COMPLETELY up to your choice. If you really want to have the freedom to choose the future that you want, you need to understand how to deal with these negative thoughts in an EMPOWERING way.

You can slowly, over time, stop being a victim to these thoughts and stop being perpetually under the influence of these thoughts.

You got to realize that the world has programmed you and the world is primarily NEGATIVE.

What does CNN mean? It means constantly negative news. All we hear is negativity, all over the place. The world is primarily on a negative vibration.

So if you want to EXCEL, if you want to succeed, if you want to be one of these people who are at the top of their game in any area of your life, you need to consciously de-program the negative and put in place some positive awesomeness.

We are going to get into a process today…

First, I need to teach you some mental programming tricks that I learned from Anthony Robins.

I want you to close your eyes and I want you to imagine something negative. Maybe, it was someone who said something that really pissed you off. Maybe, it was someone cutting you off in traffic. Maybe, it was looking in the mirror and thinking you are ugly. Anything negative that you can think of that felt crummy.

What I want you to do is take that image in your mind’s eye and I want you to push it farther away from yourself, in your mind. See it get farther and farther away. See it get black and white. See it get BLURRY. Maybe, see it turns like a picture frame, like it is not even REALITY, like a picture on the wall. See it get so far away that you can barely see it.

You will start to feel a lot less negative about the experience! It’s almost like you can’t identify with it anymore.

Now, push it SO far away, incomprehensively far away, and see it go off into the sun. See it gets enveloped into the sun, REALLY far away. Then, straight into the sun! By the time it gets burned up by the sun, you probably no longer have a negative association with it anymore.

Negative Thoughts – Replace Them by Powerful Thoughts

You can add to this whole process another thing I personally do. I put it behind me so that my negative experiences are behind me. Your brain will associate with these experiences in whichever way you tell it to.

These are some tricks for creating a different association with those negative experiences.

I put it behind me. Then, I make it blurry and pixilated in black and white. It’s in a picture frame. Then, I shoot it off miles and miles behind me until it goes and burns off in the sun. The negative experience is gone. I learned this from Anthony Robbins.

I want to add on to this technique something of my own because it’s really powerful for actually stopping these negative thoughts DEAD on their tracks. This is what I do.

When I experience a negative thought, I recognize that a negative thought has occurred and I do the process real quick. It all happens for me in an instant…

I take the negative thought, the image of it. It goes behind me. It goes rocketing behind me as it goes black and white, blurry, pixilated, and shoots off into the sun. Then, I IMMEDIATELY drop right in front of me a POSITIVE experience

I used either something that I already had in my life or, usually, an image in my mind for one of my current goals, one of the things that I am currently trying to create.

Maybe it’s the next event that I want to speak at. Or, it’s that next income level I want to make it to.

I see a visual for that and the opposite of making it far away, blurry, pixilated, and all of that, is to bring it really close, panoramic, and bright. Turn the brightness up on it. See it CRYSTAL clear.

So, I take the negative experience. Shoot it off behind me. It burns up in the sun. Then, I drop a crystal clear, bright-as-can-be, PANORAMIC vision of something beautiful that I am trying to create that is positive right in front of me.

What are we doing here? We are not only programming ourselves to ditch the negative. We are programming ourselves to replace it with a positive.

Then, you can go even further by raising your vibration. You can learn more about How to Be Happy in this other short video!

It sounds like a lot of work, at first. It will not be instantaneous. But, the more and more you do it, the quicker and easier it gets.

Now, when I am having a negative experience, this happens in about TWO seconds. You can see how much more empowered your life will be when you no longer spend those times DWELLING in the negativity…

When you start dwelling on negativity, on a negative experience, it always lead to OTHER negative experiences. You attract the SAME vibration.

“Oh, that guy cutting me off. What a jerk! That was like the last time someone else cut me off. That was a jerk too. And that reminds me of the thing this person said that I did not approve off and I hated that too.”

All of a sudden, it seems like nothing in your life is working. It’s easy to go down that rabbit hole. So, you have to CUT that cord. Cut that thread immediately with this very simple process.

Again, shoot it off behind you, do the blurry, the pixilation, the black and white, and all of that. Totally disassociate with that negativity. Then, drop a positive thought right in front of your face. You are going to stop the energy drain that is associated with negative thoughts.

This is my main advice for today!

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