Optimism – Avoid this Unhealthy Use of Optimism

Today, we’re going to be talking about optimism. That sounds great! It’s probably going to be wonderful. I bet it‘s amazing. I bet it’s the best video ever. This is going to be great. Oh, my God I am SO excited!

Optimism, we are going to be talking about the unhealthy, unhelpful form of optimism now. We are going to be talking about how to avoid it.

Optimism – Watch for the Trap!

I am going to share with you from my own personal experience how this has impacted me and how you can avoid it. So, here is what happens.

When you have a BIG vision, when you have something you are REALLY working towards and that you consistently remind yourself of, when you have big goals, big dreams, and a big impact to make out on the world, you see it for yourself. You have to or you will never have it!

So, you see it for yourself. You see it for yourself. And, you see it for yourself. And, you are optimistic. You are SO excited. This is coming.

The way that this can actually not serve you is when you are SO focused on the optimistic seeing of what you are creating.

If you are seeing the grand scale of it, as BIG as you can see it right now, you may forget to reward yourself for the here and the now.

You may forget to appreciate and acknowledge your own accomplishments in the here and now.

You don’t get EXCITED about your wins along the way because you are so focused and optimistic about what’s coming. That’s when this optimism stops serving you. That is also where you are going to start losing your momentum.

If it’s not fun all along the way, there is no way you’re going to get to your big vision. It’s not going to happen. That’s not the way the universe works. It’s not how momentum builds.

Momentum builds with small, powerful victories. Each victory brings you one step closer to that big vision.

Each victory comes in the proper sequence. Each victory is simply exciting and something to be cherished, appreciated, and optimistic about. You have to stay inside of this as much as you are staying inside of the big picture.

Optimism can actually not serve you when it sucks you into being focused on your future results so much that you don’t look at the facts of reality and you don’t celebrate the now. On your path for personal growth, you ANSOLUTELY have to celebrate every step!

I am personally a victim of this. It took me a long time to figure out my patterns around this. So, I’m hoping that this will help you avoid that trap. The simplest thing you can do is start celebrating your wins every day.

Every day, get used to celebrating your wins. Look at what you did that day and be STOKED about it. Be SO happy about it. Be EXCITED about it.

When big, big things come, you will already know how to celebrate. You will celebrate even bigger. You will be in the habit of celebration.

Then, when that huge vision finally lands, you’re going to really know how to celebrate. You’re going to throw a HUGE party. You are going to celebrate SO hard. But, you need to build that momentum of celebration. You simply cannot celebrate when you get there. You have to celebrate all along the way.

Do not let your optimism about getting there eventually suck you out of the here and the now. This is something that I recently grasped. It was such a problem for me. It’s already impacting my life in a BIG way.

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I hope this has been helpful.

Please comment below. Let me hear about your big vision. Let me hear about what you are optimistic for and what are you celebrating right now. Give me one of each. Please, I would be so humbled to see what you are optimistic for and what you are celebrating today and right now. It can be something simple like watching this video, but share! I would LOVE to see it.

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Noah Hammond

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