Patience – Joyously Create by Waiting Patiently

Today, I am going to be talking about patience and how you can joyously create your life by waiting patiently.

Decide What You Want and Start Waiting Patiently

Now, I will explain why patience is so important in manifesting your life whether that be in relationships, in business, in health and in any area. I will do that through an analogy which comes from Tom Stone.

I resonate with him as much as with the way he teaches the power of manifestation and how to CONSCIOUSLY create your reality.

He is also the man who taught me the Core Technique and influenced my video series on Mastering your Emotions.

He described patience in manifesting reality with the example of a restaurant…

When you go to a restaurant and order a hamburger, your job is to get really SPECIFIC with your order. If you only order a hamburger, who knows what you are going to get?

You could get a hamburger on a plate. You could get a hamburger covered in cheese. You could get it with lettuce, tomato, onion and a pickle. What kind of hamburger do you want?

That is comparison to how you order your manifestation in life. You decide EXACTLY what you want your life to look like. What are your TRUE desires? What would you like your experience to look like? Get SPECIFIC.

Then, after you ordered the hamburger, how do you wait for the cook to prepare it?

Do you wait patiently? Enjoying the décor of the restaurant? Enjoying the conversation with other people? Enjoying the hunger that is building inside you and the anticipation and appreciating it all?

Or do you wait angrily and impatiently?

“Oh, come on! I want that burger already!”

You can see the effectiveness in one versus the other. One of them is very conducive to having a life that you desire – waiting patiently.

The other one is very conducive to WASTING your energy, feeling NEGATIVE often, being unhappy and unsatisfied.

If you wait angrily from the minute you order that burger to the minute it gets to you, how much do you think you are even going to enjoy that burger once you bite into it?

It simply doesn’t work this way!

It’s the SAME way with life. You put out your order out to the universe by being specific, by taking INSPIRED desires and turning those into a specific life that you would like to create. You put out your order to the universe and then you wait patiently and take inspired action.

Patience – A Necessity to Fully Heal

Patience is the way to joyously create the life you desire because the universe is the cook.

The same way you wouldn’t go into the kitchen of a restaurant to tell the chef to cook faster, you don’t get to go off into the universe and say: “Universe, deliver this NOW!”

Your job, while you are waiting, is to be PATIENT and to do the healing work necessary for you to receive your desires.

A way to use this time to better heal is trough meditation. As a matter of fact, I did a previous video on meditation which will highlight some tips on how to meditate.

That’s all there is in the way of you and your desires. Once you get clear on what they are, there is healing work and there is inspired actions to take in between the HERE and the HAVING of those desires.

If you were fully healed and fully capable of manifesting those desires, you would have them INSTANTANEOUSLY.

Think about a man like Donald Trump. If you took away all of his money, how long do you think it would take him to manifest a million dollars again?

Maybe a day, maybe a week! From zero money to a million dollars he would do it in a week maybe because, he has already done all the healing work. He has already healed his mindset. He has already healed his skill set.

He has already created the connections. He has already done ALL the inspired actions that allow him to be a mega success in the financial world. So, the healing work is done. If he wanted to make another million dollars, he would simply create it.

The only reason you can’t manifest it instantly is that there is work to be done on yourself, in between deciding what you want and then actually having it.

In order to do that work JOYOUSLY, with inspiration, and to get a clear message of the inspiration as it comes, you need to be in a place of patience so that you can enjoy it, so that you can be joyous with your creations and you are manifesting.

More importantly, you need to enjoy the here and the now. That is what is going to allow you to get the things you want to manifest.

Patience is a virtue my friends. I hope that this has inspired you to maybe, put patience into your life in areas that you might be feeling a little impatient. Maybe this patience can bring new clarity, inspiration and revitalization of energy into those areas for you.

This is my main advice for today!

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