Find Your Perfect Partner or Ideal Mate

Today’s advice will give a couple simple tips on how to attract your ideal mate. I’ve got to warn you right now, some of this might feel a little offensive. It is actually offensive even to ME.

The biggest problem I see on both sides of the game, men and women, is that we are goal-oriented in creating our ideal mate.

We want a person who makes this much money, looks like this, does this, has this desire, that desire, and this desire.

We are ALL goal-oriented.

This is an egoic structure by which we search for our ideal mates. Now, we could go very, very deeply into it, but that is the foundation of what we are truly here to talk about, which is how to attract your ideal mate.

How to Attract the Perfect Partner? – Stop Acknowledging the Lack

The way to attract your ideal mate is to BECOME your ideal self.

This goal orientation, this outside mindset of “let me look for these things, let me look for those things”, only perpetuates a LACK of those things. It is acknowledging the lack of those things in your life.

If you want a man who makes a lot of money because you want to balance out the fact that you don’t, you are acknowledging the LACK. You are not creating ABUNDANCE…

The same thing applies if you want a woman who is hot and sexy because you do not feel hot and sexy.

I might think subconsciously that if I have a nine or ten hanging off my arm, then I would feel like I am an attractive person. That is again only perpetuating my lack. I am really looking at those outside qualities to try to fulfill a NEED that I do not have fulfilled inside MYSELF.

Finding the Ideal Mate – Become your Ideal Self

In order to attract your ideal mate, you need to become your ideal self.

You need to turn your gaze inward and start looking at all the areas of your life that you would like to change or improve.

For every quality that you consider you MUST have in this egoic representation of what you want to attract for your ideal mates, I would highly suggest FLIPPING and looking inside. Ask yourself: “What does that mean? What am I missing for myself?”

As you become someone WHOLE and COMPLETE, you will start to attract someone whole and complete.

And I know this from personal experience, I am not preaching. I know that my past has really been one of healing and completion.

My past have been about understanding myself, releasing negative thoughts, releasing negative social conditionings, all the garbage that we get over the years of living in this society…

It has been simply a healing and releasing process to become whole and complete inside my own skin.

As you do that, you’ll start integrating these qualities into yourself. This vision of: “I am looking for this, I am looking for that” will start to fade away because as you become whole and complete, you start to REALLY live in the present moment and live inside of life’s flow.

You are no longer concerned with finding those EXACT qualities because you know that it is just part of life’s flow.

How to Find a Partner – Stop Looking

When you reach this point, when you feel you ARE your ideal self, the men and women who are destined to be part of your life experience will flow in EFFORTLESSLY.

Anytime that you are struggling to find a man or a woman or working really hard at it, it most likely means that you have more healing to do. You have more completion to do with yourself, more awareness of yourself to gain…

Where are you in your life? Where are you going? What do you TRULY think about yourself? What negative belief systems do you still have? If you don’t know all these answers, you are still inside your healing process.

We know it’s a never-ending journey…

BUT, once you are healed, once you are COMPLETE, you will enter a new state. A state where you are happy with yourself and loving of yourself!

It’s a place where you are happy, present, pleasant and joyous! At this place, the relationships that are destined for your life, that are meant for your life, they just FLOW. They just magnetize to you.

The people simply start showing up. They just come into your experience. You make immediate sparks of attraction and it’s effortless.

So if you are in that place right now where you are really struggling to find your ideal mate, I would suggest reversing it.

Ask yourself: “How can I become my IDEAL self?”

Then, you are going to see that your ideal mate will manifest.

Now, this does not mean that you can sit in your house and think: “I am my ideal self now and I am just going to sit in this dark house and my ideal mate is going to walk in that door.”


Really, when you are your ideal self, you‘ll be in the situations that you need to be in. You are going to be meeting the people that you need to meet.

You have to take the actions that you need to take so that the ideal people you want to surround yourself with flow into your experience.

So I hope that helps bring some clarity and I hope you might see some aspects of your life in which you can integrate your outward desires and look inward. You are going to find your greatest healing, your greatest triumphs, and your greatest growth really comes from being able to look at yourself in this way.

This is my main advice for today!

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