Persistence – The Power of Persistence Will Change Your Life

If you refuse to yield to life then, life will yield to you.

Today, I am going to be talking about persistence and how the power of persistence will ABSOLUTELY change your life.
Like I said in the intro, if you refuse to yield to life then, life will yield to you. One of the two outcomes has to happen so, which one would you prefer?

How to Embody Persistence? – Make it a Declaration!

Now let’s think about this very simply…

You have a goal, whether that be in your health, your wealth, your relationships, your spirituality, whatever it may be, we all have goals.

If you make the declaration that giving up is not an option, that failure is NOT an option and that calling it quits is NOT an option, then you WILL succeed!

If you cannot stop then, you must succeed.

This is where the power of persistence comes in because who knows if you are going to succeed in a week, in two weeks, in a month, in five months, in a year, in ten years, in twenty years or at the end of your life, on your deathbed? Who knows WHEN you are going to succeed?

Of course, depending on the goal, we would rather succeed sooner than later. But that’s the trap, that desire for INSTANT gratification. That is the trap!

It is programmed into our biology because we are nomadic. We were initially in tribal formations with a nomadic lifestyle where we were migrating. When you found a bushel of berries, you were getting INSTANT gratification. You would eat the whole thing because who knows when the next bush of berries is coming along.

But now, we live in a very DIFFERENT world with very different goals. These goals take persistence because instant gratification is rarely the case with our modern goals. Our goals are not defined the same way the next bush of berries was.

Our goals are usually: “I want to create this business” which is a LOT more complicated than finding a bush of berries…

This goal has road blocks that we are not currently aware of and they are going to prevent us from success. It has new things that we have to learn in order to achieve our success. It has failures in relationships, failures in supply chains, failures in advertising and failures in the business model itself that we have to figure out.

If you want to learn How to Improve Your Life by avoiding those road blocks, I go in depth into this topic in another short video.

When we start with our goal, we want to do it! It sounds GREAT.

But there is going to be SO many failures. Plan A is not going to work, just flat out. Plan A is not going to work. Plan B and C, they are probably not going to work either. So, what is your Plan D? What is your Plan E?

What is your PERSISTENT plan?

Persistence will always get you to where you want to be whether it is in business, health, anywhere in your life. If you refuse to quit, you CAN’T lose.

What you are going to see is that your approach and your desired outcome are going to EVOLVE. They are going to shape shift. You are going to start taking different approaches. You are going to start looking for a different outcome…

Maybe what you thought you wanted is not quite what you want. Maybe, you get to what you wanted and you realize it’s not what you REALLY want. You want something slightly different.

So, it evolves and shifts. Like I said, Plan A is not going to work. What is your Plan B, your Plan C and your Plan D?

The Power of Persistence – A Skill You Can Train

A beautiful thing is that persistence is a muscle. It’s a muscle that once you develop, like other muscles, becomes stronger.

I remember, just recently, maybe about three months ago, it felt like the whole world was conspiring against me. I felt everything was going wrong.

Then, I had an EPIC moment of clarity where I remember INVITING it. I literally said to the universe:

“Keep dumping crap on me. Go for it because I won’t stop.”

It’s a simple fact. It was as if the universe was dumping all that crap on me so that I could figure that out by myself. No matter what, I won’t stop. I will not quit. I will keep shape shifting. I will keep evolving. I will go to Plan E, F, G, and H. I will go to Plan Z. It does not matter.

If Z does not work, I will go to Plan AA and go through the alphabet with two letters! I am NOT going to stop because when you stop going after what you truly want, you are dead.

What is the point of living if you don’t go for what you want?

You can get to that level when you start to develop your persistent muscle –your muscle for persistence.

Start understanding that what you want is really worth that much to you. Make it a declaration that quitting, stopping, ignoring what you truly want is NOT an option. Then, you have to be successful.

“Noah, what if I am not successful?”

Let me tell you this. Imagine you had this goal. It’s what you really want and you spent your whole life going for it relentlessly.

Say you are on your deathbed and you spent EVERY moment of your life going for that goal relentlessly, with EVERYTHING you could think of, everything you could muster and every plan you could imagine. You went through Plan ZZZ, then you grew old and you died, or you got on your deathbed and still you have not succeeded.

Would you really consider yourself a failure? Would you look back at your life and say “Man, this life was one hell of a ride.”?

You probably loved every bit of it. You loved every moment of your life because it was worth fighting for and ultimately, it was worth dying for.

So, understand that persistence is what is going to take you to WHEREVER you want to go. Make it a declaration that you will be persistent and that whatever you want, it’s yours.

I tell you, the universe does not tend to put people on their deathbed when they commit full-out like that. The universe tends to give them what they want. It might not come on the first try, the tenth try or the hundredth try, but it will come.

Tony Robbins shared a story from Colonel Sanders who went to THOUSANDS different people trying to sell his chicken recipe in their restaurant, getting no, after no, after no.

He traveled the country for two years doing nothing but trying to get a restaurant to sell his chicken recipe and split profits with him. He went through thousands of “No’s” before he got his first yes. He started that in his sixties. That did not put Colonel Sanders on his deathbed without him getting what he wants.

So, develop that persistence

This is my main advice for today!

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