Personal Development Plan – How to Find the Right One

Today, we are going to be talking about your personal development plan and how I personally find my developmental materials and how I suggest you do the same.

So, today we’re going to be talking about the simple places you can go searching for finding out the next information to take into your life. Ultimately, we are going to discuss the mindset that I use to ensure that I am bringing in the HIGHEST quality and caliber information for my own personal growth.

If you are on a personal development plan and you are looking to bring in new materials, here is where you can go.

Setting a Personal Development Plan – Find the Right Sources

First thing I would do is talk to friends or people you know who are seeing results, who are maybe a step ahead of you in an area of life that you are looking to develop.

Maybe, they have the relationship you are looking for. Maybe, they have the fitness you are looking for. Maybe, they have the business success you are looking for. Maybe, they have the spiritual path that you are looking for.

Ask those people:

“Hey, what are some of the most VITAL and profound books you have ever read? What are some of the most IMPACTFUL courses you have ever taken, or videos you have ever watched, or training materials you have ever been delivered? What has changed your life more than anything?”

Grab the top five. If you do that from four people whom you respect and admire, you now have twenty things that you can go look at and get a LOT of value out of.

Off the top of my head, I will give you a couple of my own.

Some REALLY influential books for me have been Abraham Hicks’ books specifically: “The Vortex is Really Good”, which is all about relationships or “Ask and It is Given”.

The first one I‘ve ever read, I think is called “How to Manifest your Desire” by Jerry and Esther Hicks. Those books have been HUGE for me.

I’ve been really into Carlos Castaneda books learning about the crazy adventures of the Mexican Shamans. I’ve been very into self-development materials with things like Eckhart Tolles’s book: “A New Earth” and its predecessor, “The Power of Now”.

I really liked “The 50th Law” by Robert Green co-authored by 50 Cent. “Think and Grow Rich” that’s a classic that can really get you going. I read Robert Kiyosaki’s books about “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and all his HUGE line of books. He’s wonderful!

All those books have been HUGELY influential on me. I’ve read SO many books and taken SO many courses along the way. It’s really hard to name them. But, there is some from me and now, go ask other people who really influence you in your life, who are someone you would like to strive to be, or to have certain qualities they have.

Go ask them what has REALLY influenced them. That’s a great way to find your materials.

Other things I would do is to check “Amazon”. Go searching for keywords of things you are interested in learning. Find highly-reviewed products and you are almost GUARANTEED to get a lot of value out of them.

Best Personal Growth Advice – Learn What Excites You!

Now, what I REALLY want you to understand about creating your personal development plan or getting the materials that you want for your personal development is this over-arching mindset. It’s more important than WHAT you get.

The mindset is this: “Anything you are taking in for your own personal development should resonate with you where you are EXCITED to read it.”

This is the law of attraction in action. You want to start attracting in your life the right kind of self-development for YOU.

I don’t want you to go home and get “Thinking Grow Rich” and start reading it:

“Oh, Noah said read Thinking Grow Rich. Man, this is so boring. I can’t wait to finish this.”

No! That’s NOT the point. Anything that you get that really resonates with you is unlocking your truth, is EXPANDING you – that’s the personal development material that you should be reading.

There are times where I recommended a book to somebody and it has not resonated with them. It sat right on their shelf or coffee table. Then, a year later they picked it up and blasted through it and had this HUGE awakening.

The difference is that we’re always supposed to get things in a certain way. There are certain things that resonate with where we are right now to unlock our truth and to bring us to greater and greater levels of awareness.

So, what I find interesting right now might not be interesting at all to YOU yet because it’s not that time in your path yet. Or maybe, your path is not even going in the same direction.

Regardless, the over-arching mindset is it needs to excite and expand YOU. That’s how you’re going to know that you are diving into some materials that are delivering you truth, that are unlocking the truth – the already encompassed truth.

We already know everything we need to know. We simply have to remember it. So, these books help you remember these things.

I hope that has been helpful.

If you guys want to, I would really encourage you commenting below and sharing some of the personal development materials that have impacted your life the most so that other people watching this video can go down the list and say:

“Wow, here is a whole HUGE resource of things to check out.”

I would also be curious to personally see it, comment on it and see what kind of books we might have in common and things like that. Or, maybe find some ideas for my own path.

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