Personal Development – How to Finally Get Unstuck!

Today, I am going to be talking about personal development and how to finally get unstuck and move forward, move to a new place in life.

If you find yourself STUCK in any area of your personal development, this advice might be exactly what you are looking for. I know it was for me.

Personal Development – Be Real With Reality

Now, this is something that I learned only a couple of weeks ago from my friend, Dean. It’s a common advice in the personal development industry, but I had never heard it before and it really impacted me.

Here is what you need to know.

When you are personally developing in ANY area of your life, whether that be your fitness, relationships, or business, whatever it may be, here is what tends to happen. We are taking SO much action that we actually warp our own reality and believe that we are further along than we are in actuality.

What I mean is this. If where you want to be is right here and where you actually are is right there on the other side. We tend to think that we are actually right there. We warp our own reality to believe that we are further along than we are. We believe we actually are where we want to be.

This is simply because we like to encourage ourselves in that way.

This undermines your success and will keep you spinning your wheels. If you imagine that where you want to go is at the top and that you have a rubber band that when you pull it down is going to propel you to where you want to go.

We are ALL the way down. We think we are somewhere in the middle, but we are actually all the way down. What we do is we pull the rubber band down to where we think we are, in the middle, and then wonder why we are not getting shot up to the top. We wonder why we are not breaking through.

It’s because we are not creating the foundation, the structure, and the things necessary to get from where we are actually at to where we want to be. This understanding will allow you to take a step back and say:

“Where am I actually at?”

If you have been struggling for awhile to make a breakthrough in ANY area of your life and you haven’t gotten it yet, I urge you to see if this applies to you.

When you make this realization, it will shift your actions and allow you to take the appropriate actions from where you are right now to finally build the foundation to get to where you would want to be.

How that manifested in my life?

I was a big vision entrepreneur. I’m thinking about reaching MILLIONS of lives and creating millions of dollars and funneling that into millions of dollars of impact out into the world. Yet, I hadn’t yet set myself in a place of TOTAL financial abundance on the smaller scale.

You have to be a multiple six-figure earner before you can be a seven-figure earner before you can be an eight-figure earner, etc.

But because of my vision of reality – I had been living for so long inside my big visions – I was not setting my proper foundation for creating the first level results I needed in order to get to the second, third, and fourth where my mind and soul were playing and living.

As a result, I was not getting the results that I wanted.

That was the saboteur. That was the reason. I was NOT pulling that rubber band far enough. I was not being REAL enough with reality.

My advice for you is to take this example. See how it applies to your own personal development. On top of that, you want to get yourself into a mastermind or get yourself a coach.

If you do not have a coach, you should ABSOLUTELY get one. I‘ve spent my whole life with coaches – with sports coaches, teachers at school, with my parents coaching me on how to be a human being in the world, etc. I never had one in business until very recently.

The impact that it made on me, the PROFOUNDNESS of the results and clarity it has delivered, I can’t recommend more highly to you that you find a coach that you align with.

Have a coach whether that is in business, fitness, relationships, or spiritual paths – whatever it may be. If you want to learn how to become vegan, hire a coach!

Get yourself a coach because they are going to point out these blind spots for you. They are going to keep you from spinning your wheels. They are going to keep you moving forward QUICKLY.

And, a mastermind is only going to facilitate that even more. So, get some like-minded individuals together and help each other by pointing out each other’s blind spots.

Both of those will keep you from being stuck for any length of time and will always keep you progressing.

I hope this has been helpful. I hope that you can see from my own example how this can impact YOUR life.

As always, please leave me your comments below. Let me know what you have you been stuck with. What is something you are stuck on in your life? I would be happy to try to point out some kind of blind spot if I can see it through the comment.

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Thanks and talk soon!

To Your Success,

Noah Hammond

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