Personal Power – Increase Personal Power by Suspending All Criticism

Today I am going to be talking about criticism and most importantly why you need to ABOLISH it from your life, from your mental processes and from your repertoire of being.

It needs to go out the door.

I will share some reasons about why it should get out of your life and what it will bring into your life if it doesn’t.

Criticism, in case you are not familiar with it, is anytime that you are judging somebody else’s way of being, acting or doing. It is also the simple act of judging things in general like policies or the actions of a group.

Most importantly, while you JUDGE those things you also feel an internal “click” saying “I do it better” or “They should be like me” or “They need to change”.

Unlocking your Personal Power – Freeing Yourself from Criticism

It’s not so much the judgment of everything that causes the most harm…

Something else happens is inside. The judgment causes a reaction that steals your energy. It is causing you to fight against the Flow of Life because one thing that I can guarantee you is that there are always going to be people different than you.

People who are living, looking, acting or believing in all sorts of different ways will ALWAYS exist.

You can be in YOUR reality with YOUR perspective and YOUR ideas:

“This is cool, this is not”
“This is right, this is wrong”

But there are always going to be people who CONTRAST that. So if you don’t get rid of criticism, you are going to live your life from a place of reactivity to everybody else’s agenda.

Now, what is really important to understand about criticism is that if you break it down to an energetic perspective, it becomes a negative energy vortex where energy is literally DISAPEARING from your reality. Let me explain that with a simple example.

Say, you show up in a shirt I do not like. I think: “That guy’s shirt is stupid!”

I truly believe it and I truly internally create that CONFLICT where I think: “Why is that guy wearing that shirt?”

What is that doing for the world? What is that doing for me, for my life, for what I want to achieve in my life or where I would like to go with life? What is that doing for you, for your life? What is that doing for everybody who overhears it?

NOTHING, but negative…

It’s not taking you anywhere you want to go. It’s not taking anybody else anywhere they want to go. It adds NOTHING to the world. In fact, it detracts because you have to spend your time, your attention and your energy to make the judgment. Then, you also have to experience that judgment yourself.

This is a little catch 22. Anything that you do that is mean to somebody else is actually meaner to YOU because before anybody else can experience that criticism that you are spewing out, you have to experience it first

You first are going to formulate that thought, create that negative judgment inside you. Then, you are going to spew it out at them.

You are actually the BIGGEST victim of any criticisms you give.

The whole concept is a net energy drain. It takes away from the world. It does not add anything to the world. This is why you simply must abolish criticisms.

Really, you got to recognize that this is a brainwashing. It’s something that we were programmed with. If you look at TV, movies, Hollywood or the way people follow celebrities, all of these are steeped in criticisms and critics.

If you get sucked into that, you’re going to live a pretty MISERABLE life because not only are you going to waste your energy criticizing others, but then you are going to be really, really afraid of other people criticizing you

You know how vile it is when you do it to others. So you are going to walk around going “I hope nobody is doing that to me”. It’s this horrible, negative cycle that detracts from your life. It has no positive output.

If you want to live a productive, powerful, passionate life, you need to DITCH it. It needs to be something that you don’t do at ALL.

You understand that everybody else is living their life. They are going to do the things that they want to do. As long as what they are doing is not harming you or anybody else, it does not matter what they are doing.

It simply doesn’t matter.

That is the way you’ve got to live. It does not matter what everybody else is doing as long as it is not causing harm to me or anybody else. That is the one golden rule: Don’t cause harm to others.

Other than that, it is all fair game.

So, if you want to do something weird, go do something weird. I will watch and simply think: “Wow, that person enjoys something weird. Cool!”

Expand my perspective. That is really where you want to get by ditching these criticisms. I know because I used to be in a very critical place. I saw the energy draining it was to my life. By throwing it out, you’ll have so much MORE energy into your life to create what you TRULY want to create.

This is my advice today!

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