Relationship Problems – Relationship Problems Start Here

Today, I am going to be talking about relationship problems and where I believe relationship problems start, as well as how to begin solving this problem.

I think that relationship problems start with a lack of understanding around our sexual energy. Your sexual energy is the most POWERFUL and most potent energy that exists inside you.

The Most Powerful Energy – Sexual Drive

For a very good reason, it’s the most powerful because that’s what keeps our species existing. That’s what keeps human beings co-creating, reproducing, and growing our species. It’s what keeps us from extinction. So, it makes total sense that the most powerful drive inside us is the desire to reproduce because that’s what keeps our species alive.

Now in our modern society, this drive gets MISUNDERSTOOD, misused, and misallocated. It gets used in ways that does not serve both men and women. It ultimately causes relationship problems because people are confused and at the whim of their sexual energy.

It’s such a strong energy. It really, truly is. It can COMPLETELY take you over and it can cause a LOT of problems in your life.

I’m not talking about celibacy, not having sex, or any of those things. What I’m talking about is understanding yourself, your sexuality, this energy, and utilizing and harnessing it in ways that does consciously serve you versus using it in ways that unconsciously hurts you.

Let’s look at both sexes and how this misunderstanding of our sexual energy can cause problems in our relationships.

For men, it really causes us to be INAUTHENTIC. It causes us to hurt others, to treat others not how we would like to be treated, and to do a lot of harm out in the world.

I know because I used to be in that world – in the world of looking for sex without connection, looking for that egoic next sexual victory versus looking for a heartfelt connection.

There’s NOTHING wrong with sex. There’s nothing wrong with even what you want for your lifestyle of sex with a different partner every single night. I am not saying there is anything wrong with that. What is wrong is the intention behind it and the misunderstanding of these desires.

For men, when they are not in touch with their sexuality and sexual energy, they are motivated to RELEASE it. And, they will do it at all cost.

Very often, they will use alcohol to drown out the consciousness where they might otherwise feel bad about what they’re doing. They mix alcohol with this unexplored, powerful, potent energy and they go out in the world and they create a lot of harm.

Now for women, who have as much if not MORE sexual energy than men, their issue comes around guilt and shame. A lot of that is societal. We tell women that they are sluts or whores or all these things, which is absolutely ridiculous.

Women have the same urges inside, the same biological completely natural urges and when they go and explore them, the men are out there doing what they are doing.

They end up getting used, abused, made fun of, criticized, and labelled. So, they feel a lot of guilt and a lot shame and they close their hearts. They close their connection and openness. They shut down their authentic, carefree, feminine nature.

Because both parties are misunderstanding their sexual energy and not using it in a way that empowers them, there is a MASSIVE amount of hurt going on out in the world. When I am in a popular club, I see so much of this style of hurt literally on people’s energetic presence.

I know what it look likes because I used to be inside of it. Now, I’ve come to the other side and done a lot of work to release a lot of my own hurt and sadness in these areas.

While it’s really a deep conversation to learn how to master these energies and I can’t possibly do that on this video, my intention for this video is that the awareness of this will help you start harnessing your sexual energy in a way that serves you.

Simply asking that question:

“How can I harness my sexual energy in a way that serves me?”

will bring much more consciousness to the situation.

When you start to get REALLY in touch with your sexual energy and when you start to control it in a way that serves you, you start to MAGNETIZE to you everything that you need in your life– all the right people and situation.

It all gets magnetize to you. All your relationships get magnetize to you through mastery of your sexual energies. So, it makes it easy and effortless to attract your ideal mate, partners, people who are going to be business partners, and everybody. It’s a magnetism that you can create inside.

I invite you to start asking:

“How can I use my sexual energy in a way that serves me?”

Recognize that it’s a powerful, potent, and creative energy. Us it to get what makes you happy
Maybe, when you are feeling these urges and you bring your consciousness to it you can use it to create something, to create some sort of creative expression or business, or something that serves you while you also harness that energy. Keep it for yourself in certain ways and use it to attract the right people and situations, all things that serve you.

My main advice is to simply look at how to use your sexual energy in a way that serves. I promise I will put out more videos in the future with more specifics on how men and women can do so.

If this has brought some awareness to you around your sexual energy and how it may or may not be serving you, I would love that you could step outside of your comfort zone on this and put a comment below. Some kind of realization you might have had? I would love to hear about it.

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To Your Success,

Noah Hammond

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