Resentment – Overcoming Resentment Quickly and Easily

How to finally forgive that old lover, that terrible last relationship or anybody who has wronged you in the past so you can move forward into a powerful, bright, and passionate future!

Today, we are going to be talking about how to overcome resentments QUICKLY and EASILY.

This is CRITICALLY important to learn and understand because it’s human nature to hang on to resentments. It’s part of our ego structure.

It makes it safe and easy to stay exactly how we are.

Resentment – A Lazy Reason to Stay Where You Are

Basically, you can’t progress in life because someone else did something. You’re never going to have that TRULY, fulfilling relationship because the last person hurt and wronged you in this way. Now, it’s safe and easy to close off and not really strive for your true goal.

You are never going to have that true business success because your last business partner did this or your last business ended this way. You are going to hold resentments for those and stay comfy, stuck, and safe right here as opposed to being where you truly want to be.

Resentments are always a used to make an excuse for why you are not where you truly like to be.

We need to learn how to release these resentments powerfully, quickly, and easily so that we can live the life that we TRULY want to live.

Let’s think about it from quick examples.

Do you think that Martin Luther King could have made the impact he made on the world had he spent most of his time resenting the current structures and white people for the oppression of his people?

If most of his focus was on those resentments, could he have made the impact that he TRULY wanted to make? Absolutely, not!

Do you think that Gandhi could have set his people free if all he was thinking about was the resentments of the oppression of his people or the occupation of his land? Could he have made a positive impact and truly set India free had he been in that head space? Absolutely, not!

So, do you see how CRITICAL it is to release these resentments so that you can move forward in your life?

Overcoming Resentment – Focusing on the Positive Aspect

Now, there is really an easy process for doing so.

In one of my other videos, we were talking about how to release Negative Thoughts. I teach some Anthony Robbins’ techniques for associating with your thoughts and changing the way you associate with them.

I am going to re-teach some of those techniques here but, I would suggest you still check it out because it will bring you further clarity.

A really easy way to change your association with your thoughts is to either make it larger or smaller, depending on if you want to make it more real or less real.

If it is a negative thought, you can make it SMALLER and farther away.

You can see that thought in your mind’s eye as getting farther away. It gets blurry, or black and white, or all of the above. You can see it get SO far away, all the way off into the sun and that would be a way to DISSOCIATE yourself from those negative thoughts.

You will actually feel neutral, indifferent or even HAPPY towards that thought the next time you try to associate with it.

On the other hand, if you want to make something more positive, a positive experience, you can bring it CLOSER in your mind’s eye.

You can see it get BRIGHTER, more panoramic, clearer and crystal clear. Turn the brightness WAY up so it’s right there. You will feel INCREDIBLE because you are increasing your association to that thought.

In order to release resentments, we are going to use both of these tools. This is the quick, easy process. This is how you do it.

When your thought comes up about a past person, relationship or situation that you have a resentment towards, you will tap into that resentment by seeing that image of that situation get really far away, blurry, black and white, etc.

That will help DISSOCIATE you from the negative.

But more importantly, what I want to talk about here is that you want to associate purposely and intentionally with the positive.

Maybe, that last business failed but there is a cool lesson that you learned out of it! There is ALWAYS some bit of positive experience inside of every experience if you look for it.

Find that one GREAT thing that happened as a result of that horrible, failing business. Blow it up HUGE in your mind’s eye. See it big, panoramic and bright right there. Think about the positive aspect. Anytime that business comes up in your awareness, immediately go for that. Just remember “Oh, yes. What a great little lesson that was!”

Same thing with your relationship…

Maybe, it ended terribly. But I guarantee you that in ANY relationship there are positive things that you loved. Take those and blow them up. Anytime you think about that relationship, purposely and consciously bring up the thing that you loved and hold it right in your vision. Experience that joy.

Basically, what you are going to do is program the resentment by remembering the POSITIVE qualities that are really there.

Slowly, over time, you are going to release ALL these resentments that are keeping you stuck. You are going to feel better about the situation. You are going to HEAL yourself from the mental anguish that comes from constantly recalling the negative past.

The SPECIFIC advice that is different about this than just getting rid of negative thoughts is that for resentments, to heal them, you want to purposefully look for the one piece that you can find that is POSITIVE about that situation. Focus on that.

This will also heal a current relationship.

If you see that you are getting more and more separated from your lover, start looking at the positives because that was what you were looking at when you started your relationship.

It’s only over time that you started thinking more often about the negative things they do.

“She’s not taking out the trash!”

“He’s not putting the seat down!”

Whatever the nonsense it is that you are now paying more attention to, that’s what you are associating with. You are not seeing how cute they are, how lovable they are or how they support you…

Therefore this technique works even for a current relationship. This does not have to be something that was done in the past.

Most importantly, if it’s something that was done in the past, you don’t need to bring them back into your life to heal the resentment. You simply need to remember it in a way that EMPOWERS you.

That way you will not be wasting your energy and time grieving and losing personal power over something from the past. That would keep you stuck.

That is the main advice from today! Please, if you have any questions or comments, join the conversation and comment below. I personally respond to every comment possible and would love to hear from you!

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