Sales Training – The Critical First Mindset for Mastering Sales

Today, we are going to be talking about sales training and the first mindset you need to understand to master sales. I hope you enjoyed the intro. I want to let you know very quickly that this is NOT what you are going to be learning in this video, thankfully.

Perfecting Sales – Free Yourself from Limiting Mindsets

What I want to give you is the foundational mindset behind sales that will unlock your ability to make them.

So many people have SO much resistance to selling things, their services, their goods, and to sharing their gifts with the world simply because of bad programming and bad experiences in the past which ultimately, led to that bad programming.

In many instances in the past, there have been people selling out of integrity. Not meaning that they are selling out of their own integrity but meaning they are selling outside of integrity. They are selling SNEAKILY. They are selling low quality goods. They are selling shoddy merchandise.

Because of those experiences and the overall lack of consciousness of the planet, most people in society have a resistance to sales. They think that selling is WRONG. They think that selling is manipulative. They think that selling is evil – all of those things.

You’ve probably experienced a negative situation where you were being sold and it felt manipulative. You didn’t feel good about it and most likely, you grew up inside a lack of consciousness, inside a family that did not always have enough money, inside of a mindset that money is hard to get, earn, or evil – any of those kinds of things. All of this combines to make you think that selling is wrong.

What I want to do is give you the foundational mindset which is that selling is service. When you are selling inside of your authenticity or integrity, selling is service. Why is that?

It’s very simple. If you have dollars in your hand, these are literally NOTHING more than pieces of paper. They are simply pieces of paper. They have no actual value until you trade them for things that you use to bring value into your life.

So, we trade them for food to stay alive. We trade them for water to stay alive. We trade them for a shelter to stay alive. We trade them for a car to get around. We trade them for internet to be watching our videos.

Dollars themselves are useless. It’s what we trade them for that is useful.

Now selling inside of your integrity, to me and to many other integrity-filled marketers and people who offer services out there, selling means offering significantly more value than what you charge.

For example, if I am charging fifty dollars for a book or five hundred dollars or six thousand dollars for a program, I know that those things bring at least ten times more value into your life. Otherwise, I would not sell them. If you’re a business coach, you already know about this!

Anytime I’m looking to offer something out to the world I always ask myself “Does this bring ten times more value to the world than what I’m charging for it?” When someone hands over those useless life dollars and exchange them for this product, service, or program, is it worth at least ten times more to them than the dollars that they are handing over for it?

If it is not, I always look to see how can I add more value to it?

So, when you are selling from that place of high integrity, it’s not selling. It’s SERVICE. You are clear on who your product or service can help, who you can make an impact on, and you are offering them ten times more value for their dollar than what you are charging for your product or service. It is service.

Now that you no longer think that what you are doing is evil and manipulative, there are some ways to make the transition to actually selling inside of a non-manipulative conversation. The sales training that I want to leave you with is to step out of the attachment to enrolment.

If you are selling a product or a service – no matter what it is that you are selling – step away from the attachment to a “yes”. Stay inside of a commitment to service.

If you are crystal clear on who you serve, it’s your job to communicate your product or service and the value of it to them in a way where they understand the value and can make the commitment to purchase it.

If you are clear on who you serve, you should know very quickly once you are into a sales conversation whether or not what you are offering is a fit for who you are speaking with. So, on your side you will be able to see VERY quickly how the conversation is going to develop.

But, I am getting off topic.

Overall, what I want you to know is you release the attachment to a yes and you keep your attachment only to service. If the person is a fit for your product or service, if it is TRULY going to deliver ten times more value to their lives than what you are charging for it, it is now your job to share it with them in a way that shows them this truth and helps them get past their own resistance to bring this new valuable thing into their life. That’s your ONLY commitment.

You are not committed to a “yes” simply because you are a sales person and your job is to sell. That is NOT your job. Your job is to serve and you serve people by giving them what they need.

So if someone is not a fit for your program or service, you say:

“Hey, I really appreciate your time. I really appreciate this conversation but I do not think it is a fit. I do not think this is what you need. Have an awesome day.”


“Here is the resource that I think you might like instead.”

That removes the manipulation factor and now with these two mindsets – the selling-a-service mindset and the staying committed to service as opposed to committed to a sale – you have now entered into a much more EMPOWERING paradigm of sales.

These are the fundamental mindsets behind really CONSCIOUS selling. That’s the sales training that I wanted to get to you in today’s video.

If you are not yet clear on who you serve, how you serve them, or how to get your message out there that really impacts the world, but you are interested in learning how, I suggest you go to Get High Impact where I teach people how to get their greatest gifts out to the world.
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