Self Development and Maslow – Understanding the Stages of Self Development

Sky rocket your self-development by understanding the stages and where you are at right now

Today we are going to be talking about the stages of self-development. Why is this important to understand?

It is important because once you understand WHERE you are at in the different stages that exist, you can understand the underlying factors behind your current actions and motivations, and how you can get to the next level, whatever that may be.

Self-Development – Meeting All Different Levels of Needs

This all comes from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, which is a pyramid that puts into perspective the different needs of human beings.

We have different needs. Some needs like breathing, food and water are more important than other needs like the pursuit of knowledge, morality or happiness. They all have a different hierarchy, in terms of importance to us.

If you look at Maslow’s pyramid, you will see at the bottom, we have physiological needs.

You got food, water, shelter and sex. Sex is our deepest urge. It’s something that we absolutely MUST fulfill. It keeps our race existing and moving forward. Food, water, sex and a place to live – those are the basic needs.

Just a step above that are the safety needs.

We need to know that we are going to have this house, moving forward. We need to know that we have an income and that we have plenty of resources, whether that is our food or water. We need to know that there is going to be food and water tomorrow. That’s the second most important set of needs.

Then, we move up above there to love, which is intimacy with either an intimate partner – a lover – or simply friends and family. Companionship, love and belonging are above the safety and the physiological needs.

Once you move up above that, you’ve got esteem needs.

Feeling a sense of achievement, having the respect of others, having respect for others – all those things have to do with your self-esteem.

The desire for self-esteem comes above the desire for longing. Someone who might not have a high self-esteem is still going to want to feel loved. That need comes first.

The highest need is your self-actualization.

What you are doing right now by watching this video is your quest for morality, knowledge and increasing your awareness. And if you want to learn How to Be Happy in Life by raising your vibration, you can watch my other video on the subject.

It’s a space where you are no longer in a space of judgment. You are taking in inputs and seeing:

“Oh, does that resonate with me? Does that fit my model of reality or the model of reality I would like to create?”

You’re using reason and logic and trying to EXPAND your awareness! That is self-actualization.

The reason it is important to understand this hierarchy is because you can’t self-develop on that high level until you handle the needs below.

If you don’t wake up every day with the desire to learn, grow and CHALLENGE yourself to expand your awareness, but you do not have a safety in your income or your resources (or you do not have any love or intimacy in your life), those are the things that are holding you back from self-actualizing.

This lack in your other needs is keeping you from existing at the HIGHEST level that humans are capable of.

It’s a REALLY simple way to see where your limiting factors are.

What do you not have fulfilled?

What is stopping you from dropping your judgments, taking in as much information as you can possibly afford yourself and expanding yourself as rapidly as possible?

What is stopping you from having the desire to live your greatest life; to learn the most you can learn; to expand your consciousness and awareness as much as possible; to grow humanity; to MOVE humanity further? What is stopping you?

Once you have met all the needs below, that’s what your life will be about.

Once you have the intimacy, health, stability of income, stability of relationships, community of passionate, caring, kind friends and lovers, then you wake up and the only thing to do is to grow your consciousness.

Once you have ALL your needs taken care of and feel a sense of ACHIEVEMENT and self-esteem that come from inside, then all you have left to do is to expand your awareness and to further the understanding that we have as a collective humanity.

Your need becomes to bring us forward as a species because that’s our HIGHEST need.

If you are not currently in a space where you CRAVE knowledge or are trying to push your life to the next level at ALL times, in all areas, what it means is that you have some needs that are not being met that are lower down the pyramid.

It might be one need from column A or one need from column B. But, those will keep you stuck from getting into that TOP level awareness, of having that desire on a CONSISTENT basis.

That is the main advice I am trying to share. If there were any action steps to take, I would take look at Maslow’s pyramid and say:

“What am I missing? What do I not have?”

It might point some awareness for you into an area of your life that you would like to address and make change in.

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