Self Love – How to Solve All Life’s Problems with Self Love

Today, I am going to be talking about self-love and why ALL of life’s problems can be solved with self-love. It really comes down to self-love and Self-Worth.

All life problems can be taken back to either a lack of self-love or lack of self worth. What I want to really do is to impart this awareness to you.

Increasing Self-Love – A Shortcut to Life Success!

It’s something that I realized recently. Something clicked for me maybe, a month ago. I realized how SIMPLE most problems really are.

Let’s look at a couple of examples.

Let‘s say that you currently have a job that you do not like.

You might think that the reason you have this problem is because you went to college for something that you did not really enjoy. Or, you did not go to college at all and so do not have the education to do something that you TRULY enjoy.

Whatever you think the reason might be, it really comes back to self-love and self-worth.

If you look at the example, I personally went to college for civil engineering. I realized I did not enjoy it. I did not do it. A guy like Les Brown never went to college and became one of the most top motivational speakers in the world, wildly rich, successful and influential.

There are COUNTLESS examples of people who have lived a life that is passionate, joyful and expressed, while having had those previous parameters.

What is the difference? The difference is the lack of self-love or the lack of self-worth.

You do not love yourself enough to take a stand and leave that job, to venture into the unknown, and to go after what you TRULY want.

Or, you do not have the self-worth. You do not believe that you are WORTH it. You do not deserve it. You do not feel that you should have that. You are self-deprecating and think that it is your job to suffer through this life that you do not truly love.

That all goes back to self-love and self-worth.

If you had those two things, you would take the BOLD action. You would go for it and maybe, you would die trying. But, you would go for it with every bit of your being.

Let’s take another example. Let‘s say you’re in the middle of a bad relationship.

Now, there are LOTS of reasons that you could possibly be in a bad relationship. Maybe, there are kids involved and you want to stay together for the kids. Maybe, it was an arranged marriage and you were paired with this person. Maybe, you have been with them for a really long time. You have been with them so long, why would you guys break up?

All of those reasons are BULLSHIT. They all come back to a lack of self-love or self-worth.

You don’t believe that you are deserving of having an AMAZING relationship in your life that fulfills you to the CORE in every way, shape and form.

Or, you do not love yourself enough to give yourself that. It is simply worth and love.

Really, what I am realizing right in the middle of making this video is that it all boils back to love because the lack of self-worth really comes from the lack of self-love.

The video title is totally correct. It IS self-love.

That is how to solve ALL of your problems: with some self-love. Self-love is going to breathe that self-worth. If you love yourself, you know you are deserving of the best.

Let’s take another example. Let’s say that you are this top CEO. You are successful. You’ve got a great relationship. You’re in great health. But, your company had a terrible performance this past quarter and this is a huge problem. You are really down about it.

It all comes back to self-love. You can either be down about it or you can see that you want to take POWERFUL action to move your company forward progressively, to find benefit in the problems that have existed and to transmute that energy into positivity moving forward.

You’ve spent some money to learn some lessons. These are very expensive lessons. Sometimes, lessons come in the negative and that provides positive for the future.

Now, the owner of the company or the CEO who’s going to have a successful company in the long-term, he has LOTS of self-love. He understands this.

He loves himself and his company SO much that he is going to do whatever it takes to re-inject that positive future and potential outcome and keep things progressing forward.

The one who is lacking some self-love or self-worth is going to feel a connection, a vibrational frequency with that negativity. They are going to feed off that. If it’s available inside of you, it is going to manifest outside too.

That negativity that you have in the company, it is that one thing in your life that you are clinging onto with your ego. You are clinging onto that because of something inside you that says “I do not deserve full and total happiness”, which comes back from not having a complete, authentic love of yourself.

I really want to impart that awareness through examples that all of life’s problems come back to lack of self-worth and really, lack of self-love.

What can you do? Check out some of my other videos where I talk about how to re-program your Subconscious Mind. I give you tips and techniques for creating more self-love in your life.

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