Self Worth and Nutrition – Increase Self Worth and Get Skinny!

Struggling to cut the fat? Tired of all those diet routines? Want something simple? How about a little self-worth?

Today, we are going to talk about how increasing your self-worth will get you the physical body that you are after.

It’s not about a diet or some magic cure. It’s not about the shake weigh-in or some belt you can put around your abs to make you thin.

The reason that people who are routinely struggling with their physical wellness continue to do so is a lack of self-worth.

Let me explain because it happens in stages.

Self Worth – Realizing that we Deserve it!

You do not go from being overweight, drinking alcohol all the time, smoking cigarettes, taking drugs and eating processed foods to CRYSTAL clear health and vitality in one step.

Myself personally, I eat a vegan diet. I don’t eat any animal protein. I don’t eat eggs or dairy. I am also gluten-free. I do not eat any wheat products.

That sounds EXTREME. But I also got here through some very conscious process of listening to my body and giving it what it wanted.

Having real self-worth includes the feeling that I deserve to have OPTIMAL health. I deserve to feel AMAZING. I deserve to live in peak performance consistently and constantly.

That feeling of self-worth allows me to listen to my body and make that decision to confidently remove things that are not serving me.

I now infrequently drink alcohol – maybe, a glass of wine here and there. I‘ve stopped ANY kind of smoking. All those things happened in the past and the removal of them all happened CONSCIOUSLY. I don’t eat ANY processed or inorganic foods, or as little as possible. I don’t buy any inorganic foods.

The real advice that I want you to get from this is to recognize where you are at in terms of your own personal health and how that relates to your current values regarding your self-worth.

Let’s say you are smoking cigarettes everyday and you are ADDICTED to cigarettes. If you say hourly that you would like to quit but you don’t actually have the internal CONGRUENCE that you deserve smoke-free lungs, you are most likely not going to have the determination to quit, especially with how addictive cigarettes are.

So the first step is to make that shift and see that you DESERVE it

“Yes, I deserve to have cardiovascular health, respiratory health and high energy. I deserve to feel powerful, flexible and free in my physical body. I deserve ALL that.”

When you feel WORTHY of it, that is step one.

Increase Self-Worth – Align the Outside with the Inside

Then, the second step is to remove the things little by little because the outwards stuff has to align with the inward stuff.

You can focus on feeling good about yourself even though you are overweight by focusing on finding that self-worth, finding the little skinny person inside you who DESERVES to be skinny and all the things that come with that – the freedom, the flexibility, looking good in your clothes, feeling good, waking up with lots of energy, not being out of breath all the time, etc.

Same thing with quitting smoking, binge-drinking or stopping the constant intake of processed, chemical-laden foods, all of those things will happen as a result of the internal shift.

So, while I might be vegan and gluten-free, I’m not sitting here preaching: “Get it out of your diet, it’s going to kill you!”

But it is…

Human beings are designed to live WELL over a hundred years. But what do we do? We drink alcohol. We eat chemical-processed foods. We smoke cigarettes. We don’t get enough sleep. We stress ourselves out and we do not live that long.

If you truly say “I would love to have a long life.” You truly deserve it on the inside. You will start aligning the outside with it.

Some other things to be conscious of are for example your shampoos and conditioners which are FILLED with all these chemicals and toxins. Your shaving cream is probably filled with chemicals. You deodorant is probably filled with aluminum. You want to get natural products for that as well because your liver has to deal with all of that stuff.

We put on suntan lotions, thick layers of petroleum-based suntan lotions and our liver has to deal with that.

Again, it all comes back to self-worth because the person who is overweight, drinking daily and smoking cigarettes is not going to look at his deodorant and make a conscious choice about that. You got a bigger fish to fry.

Understand where you are at, what you are starting at, and just start to examine what your level of self-worth is in regards to your health, Wellness and nutrition. Start to evaluate if you would like to see a different outer reality, such as being skinnier or having more energy.

What is the inner reality that you need to reach? When you find it, you can go create!

This is my main advice for today!

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To Your Success,

Noah Hammond

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