Serving Others – How to Become a Channel for the Highest Good

Your life is not about you. It is about everybody else. Find out how to empower yourself with this knowledge.

Today, we are going to be talking about serving others. I am going to teach you how to become a channel for the highest good. I am going to show what that means.

Before we get in any of that, I am going to give you the mindset by which I operate and which I feel will really help you take your personal power to a NEW level.

Why Your Life is Not About You at All!

You see, our ego would love to believe that our life is about us. Everything is about us!

It is about OUR happiness and OUR success. It is about OUR development. It is about me, mine, and everything that has to do with me.

That’s a very self-centered and self-serving model.

There are benefits that come from it. You NEED to serve and develop yourself. You NEED to take yourself into account in order to do anything with what we are going to talk about in this video.

BUT, I want you today to zoom out a little bit from it and see how your life is really NOT about you. It is about everybody else.

In my video entitled How to Succeed in Life I talked about humility. As I said, we are currently standing on the shoulders of every person who has EVER come before us, who has delivered some sort of value to the world and who has furthered humanity in any way.

We are standing on the shoulders of ALL those people. Their lives in the long run were really about us.

People who have been dead for THOUSANDS of years have made MAJOR contributions, that have themselves impacted major contributions after that, which led us to be able to do the things we are doing today.

So, their small life – the eighty years maybe, if they had a luckily long life spent on this earth – has impacted THOUSANDS of years of civilization and millions upon billions of people.

When you really zoom out from it you would see that your life is not about you. It’s about everyone else. It is about the collective. It’s about humanity.

Becoming a Channel for the Highest Good

In order to become a channel for the highest good, you have to see that your life is about serving others.

Now, some of you might be thinking:

“That’s great Noah. It sounds nice, but how am I really serving other people? I wake up. I go to my job and I come home… How am I serving others?”

Well, there are two things that I would say.

One is that if you love your job, if you TRULY love it – if it’s exciting to you and COMPLETELY enthralling – then you are serving humanity. You are serving humanity exactly the way you are supposed to.

But, if you hate your job, then you are stifling your service to humanity. You are NOT serving others because you are not inside your power.

So, I would encourage you to start looking at what turns you ON. That’s the service that you are meant to bring to the world.

Some of us are meant to serve differently than others.

Some people come here simply to raise a family. That’s as powerful a service as it is to the person who is public-speaking in front of a million people and doing personal development. It’s all the same. It’s only about understanding the concept that we are here to serve others and that our life is not about us.

Start Serving Others – Simple Techniques to Implement

The video title is “How to become a Channel for the Highest Good?” because I used SPECIFIC practices to remind myself of this. I am going to share them with you very quickly in this video.

For example, before I do a video I take a moment to look in the mirror and to remind myself:

“This video is not about you. It’s about everybody else. Speak clearly. Speak effectively. Speak powerfully so that the people listening and watching this video can get the message they need and implement the advice in any way that serves their highest good.”

I remind myself not to use words that might distract you like curse or stuttering words. And though I am not perfect, it reminds me to keep moving forward, to keep honing and make my message more precise. Again, it’s not about me. It’s about you.

I literally look in the mirror and CONNECT with myself and tell myself to get out of the way:

“This is not about you. This has nothing to do with you. This is bigger than you can imagine it to be. Get out of the way and allow yourself to be a channel. Allow the message that is supposed to come through you come through you so that you can provide the service that you are here to provide.”

I say this to myself and it looks different every time because I do not have a script. That is the mindset and that is how I remove myself from the equation.

One of the major benefits of this is things become much less personal…

When you realize your life is not about you, the little ego things that would set you off or cause you to suffer no longer matter. You simply see them as:

“OK, this is something entering my life to develop me so that I can serve in a higher purpose.”

Any challenge is here to develop you and bring you FURTHER in your life so that you can serve your purpose at an even GREATER level. You can provide what you are truly here to provide for the rest of the world.

To wrap up this advice, the thing I would encourage you to do is to develop your personal mantra. Whatever you feel is right for you, you have to create this for yourself.

Create a mantra that states what your service is here on this planet, in this life. What you are here to do for yourself, for your family and for the world? Whatever it is, that’s your calling or your purpose.

I would develop a mantra and say it once a day or how ever often you feel to remind yourself.

My personal mantra is:

With courage, I give my life in service to humanity’s evolution”.

That is my personal mantra. That might have nothing to do with yours. Yours might be:

“With enthusiasm, I greet my family and take care of them on a daily basis.”

“With enthusiasm, I do the janitorial work at school every day to the best of my abilities.”

We are all here for a specific purpose.

I bring up the janitorial thing because it sounds like a crummy thing to be, but I know janitors who were perfect for being janitors. They were my favorite person at the school – the awesome janitor who I always talk to in the hallway and is doing the EXACT thing he was supposed to be doing in life.

I really want to stress that it’s not about where you are in life. It’s about understanding that you are in the right place and aligning yourself with the right place if you feel you are not currently in the right place.

That is the main advice from today! Please, if you have any questions or comments, join the conversation and comment below. I personally respond to every comment possible and would love to hear from you!

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