Siddhis – Don’t Misuse Your Gifts!

Today I am going to be talking about Siddhis which are yogic gifts. I am going to be comparing them to other types of awareness gifts that are going to show up in your life. I am going to be explaining what they are and why you should NOT misuse your siddhis.

A siddhi is something that shows up when you are on a DEEP spiritual path, developing yourself through the science of yoga.

As your awareness rises, you get new gifts or siddhis.

Maybe, you can manipulate energy in a new way that you were not used to being attuned to. Or, maybe you can see with a new awareness a situation that you did not used to see this way. Maybe, you can start to see auras, something else that is going on with your paranormal abilities.

These things show up – these siddhis. The important thing to understand is that they are big DISTRACTIONS.

They are there to be the GREATEST gift and the GREATEST distraction from your grand goal, which is full self-realization if you are on the yogic path.

Self-realization means to FULLY understand as a spark of God-consciousness. But this applies to ALL areas of life. To get there, you need to self-actualize constantly.

If you want to learn more about self-actualization, you can watch my short video on the topic.

Appreciate the Siddhis, but Keep Moving Forward!

For example, I spent many years developing my socio-dynamics, my abilities to see social situations, to attract women into my life and to have a conversation that stimulates them. Eventually, by developing that part of myself, I got a siddhi or gift of being able to QUICKLY attract women into my life.

Now, misusing that siddhi would be if I then went out night after night simply to get laid…

Why would that be a MISUSE of my newly acquired gift? The reason that would be a misuse is because now, I am no longer focused on developing MYSELF.

I am DISTRACTED by this new gift.

It’s a new magic toy! Say you spent six months working your tail off to get some new toy or a new reward for yourself. Once you got it, you stopped doing any work on yourself. You stopped developing whatever it was you were developing in order to get and you just played with that toy.

It is now detracting from your life. You are MISUSING your gift. The fact that it is a distraction is coming to fruition.

Siddhis show up in ALL areas of life. Gifts of awareness and gifts of ability show up in all areas of your life. They can always be misused if you do not have this conscious awareness of it.

Imagine you see a loophole where you can create a really AMAZING income because you have awareness about this business model. BUT, you also see how that business model might not be serving everybody in the world.

Imagine now if you don’t care about that fact. You are getting DISTRACTED by that siddhi – that gift to see a business model that is going to generate capital. You are actually detracting from your life’s goal because you are no longer developing yourself.

If you were not distracted by the siddhis, you would see that it does not serve everybody. You would instead develop yourself even FURTHER and figure out a way where you can make that kind of income but serve EVERYBODY.

That would be you ignoring the gift of that awareness.

As an internet marketer, I see SO many ways to make money that do not serve my life’s purpose, my life’s passion, or humanity in general, to my highest good. So, I see them, BUT I continue to develop myself to serve my highest good.

I did the same when I became really efficient at attracting women. I played around in that area for a while. I was distracted by it for a while. But, eventually I saw that it was really a HUGE distraction. It was deterring me from becoming a GREATER me and from continuing down my path.

These siddhis, these gifts, they show up in ALL areas – in your health, wealth, or relationships. It’s easy to get some level of success or awareness and say “Hahaha I am the best! I am SO great!”

But you are now down a slippery slope.

So, avoid using your siddhis for bad. Simply recognize them. Appreciate them. Be happy you have them, whether it is through your meditation practice and getting yogic siddhis, through your business development or your health development.

Appreciate your siddhis. Do not get distracted by them. Keep moving forward in your life so that you can serve a higher good and a HIGHER purpose. Continue to elevate yourself. Continue to bring the rest of humanity. Continue to bring up your own life and your family’s life.

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