Sins – Learn The One and Only Real Sin!

Today’s video is about the only sin, which is GUILT. I want to explain to you why the only real sin is guilt.

Now, this is an advice that was passed to me by my guru Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath. It really struck a chord with me when I heard it. It made SO much sense.

He said there is no sin, vice, or virtue, sinners and saints. It’s all the same. There is only one sin and it is disconnection from self, which really comes from guilt.

The First and Only Sin – Guilt!

Look at this expansive GIGANTIC universe, these never-ending billions and trillions infinite amounts of galaxies, infinite planets, beings, and consciousness, and this ridiculously gigantic picture of the universe that we live in.

Then, on this microscopic level, one of us is committing some sort of crime, a heinous act, an atrocious thing, or even the subtler thing that we call sins like having impure thoughts or whatever nonsense.

When you look at how completely INSIGNIFICANT that is in the course of the universe, it becomes clear and obvious that to God, the Universal Consciousness, the Creator – whatever you want to call it – really doesn’t care.

That’s like you caring about one of your ten thousand trillion cells doing something. You don’t care. It doesn’t matter. It means NOTHING.

So, even horrendous things that we think are SO bad like murder is truly not a sin. It doesn’t matter in the scheme of the universe.

The only sin is guilt. When you are guilty, when you turn off your internal guidance or consciousness, when you declare yourself bad and constrict and you remove yourself from expansion, you are no longer serving your life’s purpose. You are now actually sinning. You are no longer serving the expansion of the universe which is what it does.

I can already feel the backlash, of people saying:

“No, it’s a sin if you kill someone. What about if you kick someone in the groin? Is that a sin? What about if you cheat on a test, steal from someone, rob somebody, or beat up somebody and they did not even deserve it? They just got beat up for no reason?”

It all DOESN’T matter. The only real sin is how you react to it by turning off your ability to create inside of your life’s purpose. That is the only actual sin because everything else is inconsequential. Everything else is the movement of karmas, the ebb and flow, the light and the dark, night and day, good and bad.

None of it actually means anything. The only thing that matter is that you serve your life’s purpose; that you continue the expansion of thought and awareness; that you serve your GREATEST good here. From a place of guilt, you can’t possibly do that. So, the only real sin is guilt.

If you need to learn on how to forgive someone, I have a video out so check that out. If you need to learn how to forgive YOURSELF, check out my series on Mastering Your Emotions so that you can allow yourself to unlock and release old emotional blockages by understanding emotions.

Use the other videos on my channel to remove yourself from the none-self-serving guilt of the other things that you perceive as sins. That will allow you to step back into your life’s purpose, self-actualization, development, and expansion.

I hope that helps.

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