Social Impact – How to Make Your Greatest Social Impact

Today, we are going to be talking about your social impact and how you can make the GREATEST impact here and now.

This is a VERY simple advice but it might bring you MASSIVE amounts of clarity. It all comes back to something you have probably heard me talk about before, which is living your life’s passion.

Impacting Society Through Your Passion

The way you make your biggest impact, undoubtedly is by living your life’s passion. This is provable. This is CONCRETE.

You’re delivering your GREATEST gift to the world when you are living something that is inside of your passionate truth.

Otherwise, why would it be your passion? Why would something that you are totally passionate about be something random that you are really not supposed to do and you should go do something else. That does not make ANY logical sense at all. Your life’s passion has to be your life purpose.

If you are not currently living your life’s passion and you are watching this video, this is a MASSIVE call to action. You are not delivering your BIGGEST gifts to the world. You’re not making your GREATEST social impact in the world.

So, I invite you to take action. I’m going to give you a great action to take at the end of this video.

But, here is the advice of this video – how to get clear on how to make your BIGGEST impact in the world.

Living your life’s passion generally is done by serving people who are one step behind you. See in life, we are all on a journey of some sorts. We are all triumphing over challenges and adversity. We are all learning different skills and mastering different things in order to overcome certain things in our lives. We all have a unique journey here on this planet.

The people that you can most POWERFULLY impact, that you can most DRASTICALLY serve are the people who are one step behind you on that same journey.

Think of something that was a MASSIVE challenge for you. Think of something that was so hard and difficult, maybe it took you years to finally figure out and come to peace with it in your life.

Now, there was a quicker route to get to the results than the one that you took. There is also that straight line from A to B, from where you were to where you wanted to be.

The people that you can REALLY serve are the people who are now still stuck at where you were before your long crazy journey to figure out how to get to where you wanted to be. If you can go and take these people and lead them step-by-step over to here, you are making rapid, MASSIVE impact for them.

See, technology is exponential because every technology builds on every previous technology. You use the old technology to create the new technology. Life can accelerate in the same way because every triumph that is overcome, if you then go and teach that to somebody else, they now get to skip that part of the journey.

So now, they get to experience a whole new part of the journey. You have unlocked the time in their lives to struggle in something else that you have never struggled in before, that nobody has ever struggled in before. They can figure out that their answer and then serve the world by showing them how they did it.

Every human experience that is then shared and taught builds upon every human experience. To make your HUGE social impact out in the world, who you should be serving are the people who are one step behind you.

The call action I was telling you about earlier is to go check out Get High Impact where I am teaching a POWERFUL step-by-step coaching program for you to serve those people who are one step behind you. It’s an eight week training course that gives you step-by-step to getting crystal clarity about who you serve, how you serve them, and how you can make your impact out in the world.

I have had massive successes of people who have come through the program so far. I am SO excited to be making that impact out there in the world showing people how they can make their impact through a powerful online business. It’s what I do. It’s what I love to do and I am so happy to serve people that way.

So, please check out Get High Impact. Sign up and check out my next webinar. You will learn all about step-by-step on how you can go make your social impact out in the world.

As always, please comment below this video. Maybe, share who are the people who are one step behind you. I will let you know the best way I think you can help them and the best way to serve them.

Or, you may be you want to share about how you are already serving people. I would love to see it and just say: “Good job!”

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To Your Success,

Noah Hammond

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