Start up Business Overwhelm? How to Easily Avoid Overwhelm in Your Start Up Business

We are going to talk about start up business overwhelm and how you can avoid the overwhelm of a start up business.

This is CRITICAL to understand for anybody who’s an entrepreneur, anybody with the idea of being an entrepreneur.

For anybody who would like to make their impact in the world, for anybody who would like to make their own hours and UNIQUE contributions, anybody who would like to design their lives, you are going to need to start a business in some way, shape, or form because you do not get to design your life if you are an employee. It’s a simple fact.

So, you are most likely watching this video because you have a start up business and you are feeling a little overwhelmed.

I’m going to give you two simple things to understand that will keep you from being overwhelmed.

Start Up Business – Three Key Principles

The first is staying centered. You ABSOLUTELY must stay centered in the center of your business. I have mentioned this in other videos before and I have mentioned it in the way that I take it on is by planning two or three months at a time of the rough projects and what is going on so that, even though there is a LOT going on, I can stay centered in the center of it all.

The same way the Commander in the command room does it. The commander is not freaking out because there is a battalion over here.

“A battalion over there. Oh, my God, there is so much going on. I am SO overwhelmed.”

No! He is centered in the center of his unit.

In your business, you must be the Commander. You must be centered in the center of your business.

Now, the other thing that goes along with that staying centered is to understand the mindset that the only thing you can be doing is what you are doing right now.

So, what are you doing right now? Thank you. I appreciate your time. What you are probably doing though is watching this video, checking your email, thinking about the four things you have to do after this video, thinking about what didn’t get done yesterday that might not ever get done because this and that, or thinking about what is going to break down.

“I am SO overwhelmed!”

Of course you are overwhelmed! You’re not CENTERED and you’re not PRESENT to the moment. If you get lost in your head, you can go forever in the never-ending loops of what your brain will come up with that is scary and overwhelming.

But if you return to this moment here, you see nothing but PEACE. There is NOTHING but peace. You are watching this video. I’m making this video. That’s what’s happening in this moment. That’s it! It’s NOT very overwhelming at all actually unless, you let your brain take you off into the illusion of everything else.

So, stay centered in the center of your business. The only thing you can be doing is what you are doing right NOW.

The next thing that I would say is to make it joyful.

Overwhelm is a perception. Overwhelm to one person looks like JOY to another person. Which of those two people do you think is going to be successful – the person who is overwhelmed or the person who is EXCITED and JOYFUL?

I get EXCITED at the fact that there is SO much opportunity going on, so many potential directions I could go, so many projects that are going on right now, and so many things. That’s EXCITING!

There are so many people out there who have nothing going on, who have nothing happening in their lives, nothing is moving. They have NO momentum. That sounds really boring and I would never trade any amount of “overwhelm” for that life.

You can look at it as overwhelm and it can NEGATIVELY affect your ability to create inside your business. Or, you can look at it as excitement and joy.

Really, if you are just starting your business, you are creating your life. You change your life! That’s joyous! That’s exciting. Good! You are overwhelmed.

You should be taking on something that matters. Things that matter take work. And so, if you are creating something new in your life, that’s exciting. You can flip that perception.

The first thing to avoid business start up overwhelm is to stay centered. Stay centered in the center of your business. Stay centered in the moment knowing you can only do what you are doing right now.
The other part is to flip it. Look at the ABUNDANCE of things going on as joyful and exciting versus overwhelming and fear-inducing.

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Noah Hammond

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