Stress Management – How to Manage Stress as an Entrepreneur

Today, I’m going to be talking to my entrepreneurial crowd and I’m going to be sharing how you can manage your stress. It’s all about stress management, living a stress-free life while you go out there in the world to make your impact, to deliver to the world your unique gifts through the medium of business.

Achieving a Stress-Free Life

Mindset # 1 to help you manage your stress as an entrepreneur is to make ABSOLUTELY, one hundred percent sure you are doing what you love. You absolutely must be doing what you love because in the beginning of entrepreneurship, you’re going to be doing it a whole lot.

You’re going to be spending long days learning things, conquering challenges, blasting through your own internal resistances, growing, developing, hitting breakdowns and having breakthroughs. You’re going to be doing this with a LOT of your time.

If you do not LOVE what you are doing, you are going to HATE it. If you spend majority of your day doing something you don’t like, that’s not a recipe for a stress-free life. That is NOT the way to manage your stress.

If you are considering becoming an entrepreneur because you are in a job that you do not like, use this as a call to reflect and think about what it is that you would love to do.

They say that eight out of ten people nowadays, hate or dislike their jobs. That’s up from four out of ten people just a few decades ago.

People are waking up to the fact that entrepreneurship is the way to put up your expression to the world, to do what you love, and to make ABUNDANCE of income doing it.

So, that’s the first step to managing your stress as an entrepreneur. Understand that you need to be inside what you love and make a commitment to doing so.

Lower Stress Level – Delegate!

The second thing that you need to learn quickly as an entrepreneur is how to delegate effectively. If you would like to become a successful entrepreneur, you ABSOLUTELY must delegate.

There are simply too many aspects to business for you to do them all. You can’t be your own legal, sales, marketing, and technical department. You can’t be the product developer, relationships developer, and the technology implementer.

You can’t be all of those things because that’s when you’re going to your “freak-out” mode because you are trying to teach yourself how to make a website as opposed to paying somebody who is an expert at it already.

So, you need to look, even from the very beginning of entrepreneurship at the most effective ways to leverage your capital and your time. That means delegating and outsourcing effectively.

What I would encourage you to do is learn what it means to delegate effectively. How do you communicate to people? Quick tip is that it needs to be CRYSTAL clear.

You cannot say to somebody:

“Hey, make me a website.”

And expect to get the product or end-result that you TRULY want. That stems from you and your lack of specificity.

I will tell you that because that was a four hundred dollar lesson for me right from the beginning of entrepreneurship for myself. First thing I did was I hired a team and said:

“Looks like this. Put some blue over there.”

We spent four hundred dollars on a website that didn’t do anything for us that we ended up making our own. So, do not follow that mistake. Get specific!

But more importantly, for this video, it’s about the mindset. You need to know, as uncomfortable as it will feel at first, that you are NOT the person to handle everything. Other people are.

You are the person to put your vision in place. You are the person to create the content or message. If you’re the entrepreneur, you are the person to CREATE.

But, you are the driving force behind the creation of this project. You are the one who’s making this happen. You could even bring in brand new people to create your message and marketing people to market your message. But, you are the reason that this venture will exist on this planet. That’s your TRUE reason for being an entrepreneur.

Everything else, there are people out there who are experts on it.

Understand that what your strengths are and work inside of those. The things that are your weaknesses, you ABSOLUTELY must delegate even if you are starting with no money.

You can go to websites like and hire people for important tasks for five dollars. You will be AMAZED at what people will do for five dollars on that website.

This is not a money thing. It’s a mindset thing.

Learn to delegate effectively and consistently because you are going to stress yourself out, overwhelm, and burn out. I know because I’ve done it time and time and time again.

I recently put out my application for my personal assistant and I love the applications that are coming back in. I’m SO happy I’m going to have this person in my life soon. It’s well, WELL overdue.

I’m giving you this lesson so you can skip the overwhelm and the struggle. Delegate effectively.

These two core understandings are what are going to help you reduce your stresses as an entrepreneur and actually enjoy the process, which is the whole point of it and the way you will truly be successful.

What now?

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Noah Hammond

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