Team Building in the New Paradigm

Today, we are going to be talking about teambuilding in the new paradigm. As you might have guessed, I do not recommend TPS reports, bosses and a harsh working environment where people are held accountable through FEAR structures.

There really has been a shift occurring for the last ten, fifteen, twenty years and it is what allows the top companies that are pushing the envelope to be REALLY successful.

The New Paradigm – Hierarchy Is Going Down!

In the new paradigm of business, the old structure of bosses, hierarchy and authority is losing power. The reason this is occurring is because people are waking up to their own potential; the world is waking up.

People no longer want to be treated like robots. They don’t want to be cogs in a wheel. They don’t want to be in a cubicle.

All these people are in cubicles and you are this team of cubicle people and you answer to this boss. That boss answers to this boss. This boss answers to this boss and everybody is worried about working hard enough to not get fired…

That structure of company is no longer going to be pushing the leading edge.

In order to be a company that is succeeding on this day and age, you have to be constantly, not only progressing but taking quantum leaps. You need to constantly REINVENT your industry, coming out with things that are unlike anything that has ever been seen before.

That happens from a place of creativity and of PEAK potential.

When you have this non-dynamic structure of fear-based employers and employees, nobody is going to be functioning in their highest vibration and delivering their highest good to the world.

Ultimately, for you to reinvent your industry, you need a team of people who are creating from their HIGHEST potential.

The culmination of that highest-potential team REINVENTS an industry and takes quantum leaps every several years in the industry.

So, this structure – the new paradigm of business – and the new way of team functions is much more democratic. The basic mindset is that there are no bosses. Everybody is playing their critical role on the team.

I’m not your boss. I am only a person whose role is to manage the completion of this project.

I’m not telling you what to do because that’s my job, I am instructing you because I have the awareness to do so. That is my role on this team. Every team needs a manager. Every team needs a coach. I’m the coach.

Now the person who is doing, for example web development, they’re not the “web development guy”. You don’t stick him in his cubicle and if he does not output his TPS report on time, put a new web development guy in the cubicle.
The web development guy is an amazing creator who is serving his highest good by working on this peak performance team.

The video editor is an amazing creator. The person who is handling customer service is an amazing human relations person. They click with people. They enjoy conversing with people.

Everybody is serving their highest good on the team and the peak-potential team is outputting something that is GREATER than any of these people that could have possibly do on their own.

Team Building – A System Without Fear

That’s what team building in this new paradigm looks like.

When you connect everything that you are doing as a company, away from the individual and out to the world, people will see that they are serving their highest good.

They are not only performing their TASKS as greatly as possible, but they are also serving the WORLD as greatly as possible by being part of this team, that is when you will get INSPIRED. That’s when people do inspired work. That’s when you can reinvent your industry with POWERFUL team dynamics.

When people can see clearly that they are changing the world in a more impactful way by working as part of your team than they could possibly do on their own, that’s when you get really HIGH quality people doing HIGH quality work inside of your organization.

So, there are no bosses. With the team I built so far, I don’t EVER call them my employees. I call them my team members. My role on the team is to be the coach, the orchestrator or the organizer because I have the awareness, experience, drive and the desire.

Their job is to bring their skill sets to the team as powerfully as possible so that the entire team can serve the purpose that our team is here to serve in the highest good.

Connect EVERYTHING with what your team is doing, not back to the specifics of the team, but to the result they are producing in the world.

“Hey, you messed up.”

It’s not “You messed up and you are bad.” It’s:

“You messed up and we are trying to create this result out in the world that is going to be powerful. By this mess occurring, we are not creating that result as effectively.”

So, the whole team functions as a UNIT. There’s no negativity. There’s no fear of failure. If you fail, it’s a lesson and the team learns that lesson and progresses together. It’s an all-or-equal kind of democratic atmosphere. That’s the new paradigm.

These old paradigms where people are treated as robots, they are going to quickly disintegrate.

That’s where you see people who are unhappy with their job, who are working just hard enough to avoid getting fired, and who go home everyday thinking:

“How can I escape this? What can I do to not do this anymore?”

You are not getting quality work out of those people. You are not getting creation out of those people because their creative juices are turned OFF.

That’s the new paradigm of business. There are a million more aspects to it but I simply wanted to share the very basic foundation of team building in a new paradigm.

I hope that has been helpful for some of you guys.

If you are not building a team yourself, but you see how you are functioning inside your team and whether or not it’s helpful for you and it’s inspiring you to be the greatest you that you can ever be, or if it is deterring you from being the greatest you that you can be, you might want to look for a new team to join.

This is my main advice for today!

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