The Matrix – How to Know that You’re Living in the Matrix

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Hey everyone, Noah Hammond here. Today, we are going to be talking about the Matrix and how to know that right now, right in this very moment, you are in fact living inside the Matrix.

First, I will start off with some science. Then, I will drive into a little bit of spirituality and I will end with some concrete yoga philosophy. All of it will culminate in describing the Matrix, its purpose, and why you are inside it right now.

I feel like I am trapped in the youtube. Help!

Scientific Ways to Know You’re in the Matrix

First, science.

Science has already proven that 99.999% of everything is just empty space. When you get down into the sub-atomic level, an atom is almost entirely empty space. So, everything that we think is this solid matter is almost entirely empty space.

Now, another thing that science has recently proven is the fact that the majority of the universe is actually made out of dark matter or dark energy, meaning matter and energy – that we do not have any idea what it is.

It does not exist in any of the electromagnetic realms that we can study with our instruments. We simply know it is there because of the way the universe is behaving, but we have no idea what it is, and that makes up the majority of our universe.

So, there are scientific things that show that there is more to this reality than we perceive.

We perceive this reality to be solid and we think we know what is going on, but science has proven that we have no idea what is going on. So, scientifically we are inside the Matrix.

A Spiritual Discussion of the Matrix

Now, spirituality merges in with this conversation. The way I like to conceive of it is this.

It has been proven that you can have single-cell intelligence…

That an amoeba can show a preference between dark and light and can go and seek one or the other.

So, every single cell of the ten thousand trillion plus cells in your body actually has its own intelligence. Well, that is pretty incredible.

But let’s zoom out.

Because the universe is divinely intelligent. It is absolutely mind-boggling when you think about the order that exists in the universe.

Like, if the moon was just a little bit farther or closer away from our planet, how that would affect and change everything; if we were farther or closer to the sun, how that would affect and change everything; and how our body has these complex functions that process oxygen and sunlight and what it produces.

It is so complicated that again, this is something that science has readily admitted, it has very little understanding of.

There is a divine intelligence that has orchestrated all of this.

My opinion is that: Like how we create, so we have been created.

Everything that we create in our society starts with a thought up here. So, the question I would like to ask is “Whose thought were we?”

Who was the creator of this, which is so clearly and so powerfully, divinely planned which such levels of precision and so many layers? Whose plan was that?

While this is a very open-ended question – it takes faith, it takes a suspension of the ego, of the critical mind to actually open up to that conversation – it does make you wonder “whose thought are we” – this divinely intelligent and planned experience that we are living in?

So the way I connect this is that in Yoga.

They teach the third dimension – which we are currently living in – it is the dimension of duality. There is hot and cold, light and dark, right and wrong, and good and evil.

In this dualistic reality, what we get to experience is trial and error, pain and pleasure, and growth – all of these things that stretch us as beings and as souls.

We get to experience it here because in the higher dimensions, there is no duality. There is unity. There is harmony. And so, there is much less opportunity for growth.

If everything was blissful and harmonious, how motivated would you really be to work on yourself?

To stretch your boundaries?

To stretch your limits?

To grow?

To become greater than you were yesterday and greater than you were yesterday every single day? How much motivation would there be if there was nothing but harmony?

Very little.

So the easiest way my friends, to know that you are in the Matrix right now, that you are here as a soul who chose to come here to work on yourself, to grow yourself, and experience very specific lessons…

The way to know that is to just think for a moment.

About 99% of every single person on this planet is suffering for some reason or another. It does not matter if they are poor. It does not matter if they are rich. It does not matter if they are skinny or they are fat, if they have a great girlfriend or a great husband. It does not really matter…

Almost everybody is suffering over something.

And so, it makes you wonder. In this divinely planned reality – if this really was the end-all-be-all of reality, if this was really it – why would this divinely planned thing be planned, orchestrated and created in order for everybody to be suffering?

To me, that just does not make any sense.

Well, you can be pessimistic about it and be like “Life is hard and that is what the point of life is – to suffer.”

But in my opinion, and what Yoga teaches, is that that is only the point in this reality in the third dimension – to grow your consciousness through trial and triumph; through conquering your inner demons; through conquering “Satan” which is really just your ego, and becoming your greatest self, living your greatest potential, serving your greatest purpose, living in harmony with yourself – with your mind, body and spirit.

So that my friends is how you can know that you living inside the Matrix. Everybody suffering? To me, it does not make much sense.

So, let’s embrace it. Let’s grow ourselves and let’s take on our challenges knowing that this is just tests…

And on the other side of this test is a greater reality than the one you have ever experienced before.

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So, that’s it for me today guys and girls. Thank you so much for joining me. As always, please comment below. I would love to join with you a discussion about the Matrix and whether or not, we are trapped in it and what we can do to most powerfully grow as a result.

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Noah Hammond

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