The Most Interesting Man or Woman – A How to

This video is going to be about how to become the most interesting person in the world.

It’s a very simple, very quick understanding and very easy to implement advice. All you need to do to become the most interesting man or woman in the world is have a commitment to learning a variety of things.

Become The Most Interesting Person In The World

Personally, I’ve gotten into several video games which are not too interesting. I did aggressive inline skating. I did wake boarding. I played football. I played rugby. I’ve trained Muay Thai kickboxing. I have trained Brazilian jujitsu.

I do LOTS of different kinds of yoga. I do Kriya Yoga meditation. I’ve done Qigong. I’ve learned about herbal medicine and plants as medicine. I have learned about food medicine and food as medicine.

I‘ve learned about socio-dynamics, male-female interactions, how to gain core confidence and how to heal emotional trauma. I have learned about internet marketing, business development, sales funnels, copywriting and online persuasion.

All of these things, I would say have been done in two-year chunks. I trained Jujitsu for two years. I did wake boarding for two years. I played rugby for three years. I did Muay Thai for two years. I‘ve been doing internet marketing now for about four years. All of these things are small chunks of my life. They all combine to make me a very interesting and a very dynamic person.

If you want to become the most interesting person in the world – the most interesting man or woman – all you have to do is have a commitment to always pushing yourself forward, always trying new things, and always go for that next thing.

One sport, hobby, activity or life goal will bring you to a new level of awareness and lead you on to a new sport, hobby or life goal, etc. You can keep actualizing, keep following your desires.

Most importantly, do not stay stuck inside of ONE thing.

For me, Brazilian Jujitsu is the most amazing sport I‘ve ever participated in. It’s the most powerful martial art on the planet.

When I came towards the end of my interest in exploring that for myself, I stayed stuck in it for awhile because the community around it was SO amazing.

It did such AMAZING things for my body, my physical confidence, my understanding of myself, and the way I move. It got me so in touch with my body. It was an INCREDIBLE experience.

Because it was so amazing, I spent about an additional six months – not a hundred percent interested, but not yet willing to move on to the next thing.

Some people are going to stay into things in the long run. I am not telling you that you have to limit your activities to two or three years. What I want to stress is that, when you see that little bit of idea that maybe there is something new or something more, follow that.

That’s going to allow you to explore the depth of all the different things you want to explore in this life experience. Ultimately, it’s going to make you an interesting, varied, aware and dynamic person.

That is the advice for today on how you can become the most interesting man or woman. I hope it has been helpful.

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