Waking Up – The World is Waking Up!

Today, I am going to be talking about something that is REALLY exciting and incredible.

You have probably already started to recognize it is occurring, but I want to give you some deeper insight into why the world is waking up.

It is happening RAPIDLY.

Here are the TWO things happening simultaneously and they are BOTH very scientific.

We are talking about a spiritual awakening, happening right now on the planet. But it is very, very scientific which is really exciting because even the people who really want to see the facts, even THOSE people can see and acknowledge that this is occurring on the planet!

So, there are two things occurring simultaneously.

A Shift in the Magnetic Field – The World is Waking Up

One, the magnetic field of the earth is declining. Now, do NOT freak out…

This does NOT mean the world is over. This is a natural cycle that the earth goes through. I believe it is a ten thousand-year cycle and the magnetic field changes in strength over the course of this cycle.

Right now, the magnetic field is at about a 1.5 out of 10 in strength, if ten was the highest the magnetic field of the earth could be.

Why does that matter?

Well, when they first started putting astronauts up in space, they noticed that after about two weeks of being in space, they started going DELIRIOUS and losing their mind.

They discovered that the reason this was happening is that the earth’s magnetic field is what allows our brains to function the way they do. It is what allows our logical minds to function correctly inside of deep thought. Without it, you start to lose this ability.

So, what they started doing was putting magnetic field generators on spacesuits to make up for this.

Now how does this apply to everybody here on Earth as the magnetic field begins to decline? Well, our identification with our brain and the old ways of thinking with your Ego: is starting to dissipate.
This is allowing our hearts and our heart-consciousness to open up. So, as opposed to “Profits are the most important thing and it does not matter if I blow up this whole mountain range to go extract a whole bunch of coal”, we are starting to think: “Mother Earth is precious and we should not blow it up”

Instead of thinking: “Slave labor is OK as long as our stocks go up”, we start thinking: “There is enough abundance in the world for everyone to live harmoniously”. These are egoic ideas versus heart-centered ideas.

As our brains start to slow down a little bit, our heart-consciousness starts to flower because scientists have actually proven that your heart has thoughts and your stomach has thoughts. This has all been shown by science as well.

So, our brain is not the ONLY thing that thinks in our body. Our brain is where the ego does most of its work. Our heart is centered in TRUTH.

So, that is what is happening with the whole magnetic field declining.

People are starting to wake up to their heart-centeredness and their ability to care for each other and to the fact that we are all a unified species. That we are all unified as just part of this big energy.

Really, we are all ONE, that kind of philosophy.

We are Waking Up – The Tipping Point of Information

Now, the other thing that is happening simultaneously is that where technology has gone, the information or the spread of information has reached the tipping point.

Almost everybody is on Facebook. Almost everybody has been on YouTube. More people in the world have the Internet than don’t. It is the tipping point because, what this allows is the spread of TRUTH.

We are starting to see and figure out a lot of the things that are not so truthful about the way the world is running…

Be it corporations, be it governments, be it environmental policies, be it wars, all of those, we are starting to see a little bit behind the lines.

That’s WHY these protests are happening.

It is why this conversation is occurring that the world needs change. It is why the economies are collapsing. It is why all these things are going on right now. It is also why there is an incredible amount of natural disasters occurring because this is all part of the same cycle that is occurring.

This is a shift.

Change is not always the easiest thing, so there is a lot of strife going on in the world right now. There is a lack of certainty in where the future lies because we are right in the MIDDLE of this huge shift.

So, because of the combination of the magnetic shift that is bringing our consciousness to new levels as well as the social shift that is occurring with the spread of information, we are entering into this really EXCITING time.

Now, I am going to talk a lot more about this in a lot of other videos, but in this video, I just wanted to share the basics of what is going on and some scientific reasons WHY it is going on. There are some very spiritual reasons as well which I will get into in some other videos.

That is the main advice from today! Please, if you have any questions or comments, join the conversation and comment below. I personally respond to every comment possible and would love to hear from you!

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To Your Success,

Noah Hammond

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