Time Management – Live an Amazing Life with Proper Time Management

Today, we are going to be talking about time management. I hope there is enough time for it.

I want to get into two principles or mindsets that I think will really take your time management understanding to a new level, will allow you to have a much more carefree, organized, and sustainable life.

Managing Your Time – Identifying What Truly Matters!

The bottom-line is that when you are not properly managing your time, your life is UNSUSTAINABLE.

You’ll get stressed out. You’ll get burnt out. You’ll not get enough done. You’ll do all of these things that do not sustain in the long-term and do not lead to an ULTIMATELY happy, productive, fulfilling life.

So, time management is something that is CRITICAL to bring your attention to and today we are going to be talk about two core concepts.

Time Management – Balancing Your Schedule

The number one foundational principle of time management is to know your purpose whether that be in business, in life, or in your relationships. You need to know your purpose in the major areas of your life so that you can make a commitment to staying true to that purpose.

For example, I know that inside of my relationships, my commitment is to intimacy, deepening my connection, deepening my connection with myself, developing my communication, and all of those types of things.

So when an opportunity arises inside of the relationships area of my life to do something that does not serve any parts of my purpose, I know that that’s something that will leave me feeling ultimately unsatisfied with the usage of my time and will NOT benefit me to my highest good.

Break out the overarching purpose or desire for how you want to live your life. Do you want to be CONSTANTLY learning and financially free, always exercising and eating right? What do you want your life to look like? What events do or do not fit into that paradigm?

That’s the core foundation of time management.

A LOT of people end up with not enough time for things because they over commit to things that do not TRULY serve them. So, they end up at this thing because:

“Oh, I should help out that friend for some reason. I did not actually think about it. I only went with it.”

“Oh, I ended up over here because, I don’t know… I think the Boss wanted me to. I really was not sure.”

“I do not have enough time to connect with my kids!”

Well, if you got clear that what was truly important to you was to have enough time to connect with your kids, you would have more clearly decided on whether or not to do those different things and whether or not to stand inside your integrity for how you want your life to look and what you will and will not do with your time.

Get clear on how you want your life to look. What is REALLY important for you and take a stand for that. Take an unwavering stand for that because time is your most valuable resource. It is the only thing that there is truly a limited supply of here in this experience on planet Earth.

You only have a certain amount of time. So, manage it like it is GOLD. It’s more valuable than gold.

That’s mindset number one.

Principle number two, which definitely helps and relates to principle number one, is that there are really six major areas of your life that you should assess how much time you are spending in each, in order to uncover imbalances that you may currently have.

This is going to help you recognize where you are spending too much or too little time. It’s going to help you over time, if you track it, create the balanced life, the proper time management that you are TRULY looking for.

The six different areas that you want to focus on, more or less. This is one person’s concept of what life looks like. The six different areas include income generation, self-care or recharging, relationships, service out in the world – how you make an impact, creative expression, and self-development.

With those six areas in mind, make a pie chart. Draw a circle on a piece of paper and label off the pie chart with percentages of how much time you are spending in each of those areas of your life. This is an exercise that was recommended to me, again by Dr. David Gruder.

By doing this exercise, I saw where I was out of balance in my life and where I was missing. My creative expression was way too small (creative expression for creative expression’s sake not for any other purpose). I literally was hardly doing that at all.

Use this exercise to see where you are out of balance and to make new commitments to how to get back into balance. That’s also going to feed into the first mindset we talked about on deciding what you want your life to look like.

In these 6 areas, you will see where you are out of balance, what you would like to have it look like instead, then you can make a commitment to that and take a stand for that.

These are the foundational principles of time management. You have to know what you want your time to be used for before you can manage it. When you know what you want, you can start project planning.

Now that you know those things, I invite you to decide, take actions to do these things, and decide what you want your life to look and how you can take a stand for it. You are going to see a whole new level of lightness enter your life as the rush leaves it, as the frantic overwhelm leaves it and you finally get into the balance that you consciously decide for yourself.

I invite you to do that exercise. I also invite you to comment below and let me know if this was helpful to you, if you’re going to do the exercise, if you already did the exercise, if you had an aha moment, if a light bulb went off. Please let me know.

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To Your Success,

Noah Hammond

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