Waking Up – Time to Take the Red Pill

In today’s video, I am going to be talking about waking up and what that looks like because there are different levels of it.

While some of the topics in this video might seem scary, strange, confronting, or even shocking to you, this is not my intention.

My intention for this video is to show you ALL of the stuff that I spent six months finding out piece by piece and freaking out over piece by piece in the next few minutes so that you can compartmentalize it.

Then, use the advice that I’m going to share at the end which is to take it into your awareness and then move forward POWERFULLY with the new knowledge under your tool belt.

What it Means to Start Waking Up

This has been an interesting process for me because I was finding out all the HORRIBLE ways in which the world really works. I was finding out one by one and each one of them I would dive into a two-hour documentary, all about this one horrible thing that was going on.

It seemed like every week I was founding about more and more structures of the world and how it was designed to MASSIVELY benefit only a VERY small percentage of people. It is meant to ENSLAVE most people and the structures of society keeps almost everybody enslaved. They don’t even understand it.

So, I spent six months LOWERING my vibration as a result. When you are diving into this with FEAR, as opposed to only taking in as knowledge that can empower you and your awareness, it lowers your vibration.

It lowers what you are attracting into your life and the ability to create the reality that you TRULY want.

That’s why I want you to take this video. Maybe, freak out about everything I am going to tell you for about a day at max, or five hours. Go search Google and do some research if you want. Then, move past it and use it to be powerfully aware and to create the life that you truly desire.

Horrible Facts That We Prefer to Ignore

Well, we’ve got a World Bank that is run by global gangsters that basically control every war that goes down and EVERY bit of poverty and hunger.

They control America and they are the reason that we have the largest military in the world by all accounts and massive amounts.

We have a hundred and forty bases all around the world. They are bankers that control the global currency and control the money of the ENTIRE world. They are WAY above the governments. That is one of the main things.

I think a lot of people are waking up to that especially with Ron Paul talking about “end the FED”, all the financial collapses that are happening around the world and the Wall Street protests. Everybody is waking up to this.

Other example is our food crops being inundated with genetically-modified foods, which have proven to cause cancer and chemical streams in the sky.

The whole plot is to create a world government and essentially KILL off a large portion of the population as to control us inside of this world government. All these things that sound like conspiracies are NOT conspiracies…

They are deeper truths.

It’s about dissolving the matrix. If you are at the bottom of the matrix, if you are watching TV every day, you are being programmed to think what these people want you to think. You are being programmed to consume what THEY want YOU to consume. You are being programmed in EVERY way.

The lowest level of being in the matrix is watching TV and believing everything that is on it.

All of our media is now coming through five outlets which are ALL controlled so the news you are watching is not real. It does not contain the real news. If you believe that we should go to war with Iran right now, you are probably being programmed PRETTY heavily. I would encourage you to look into that.

Then, there are other levels in the matrix. Seeing that you need to get organic food, seeing what industrial farming looks like. Industrial farming is ATROCIOUS and it destroys our Earth, the health of these animals and YOUR health.

Then, there are the things that people consider to be “conspiracies”. From “9/11 was an inside job”, to the sinking of the Titanic or the start of world war two…

All these things that “crazy conspiracy theorists” talk about. They are not conspiracies. They are TRUTHS.

It’s shocking and it’s CRAZY because as a normal, caring, loving, normal human being, which ninety-nine percent of the planet is, you can’t even FATHOM that somebody would do these things for gain of political power or monetary gain.

But there are a small percentage of people out there who are so deeply connected to their ego that they have orchestrated some pretty HORRIBLE things. 9/11 WAS an inside job.

Those buildings were detonated with demos. I spent two hours watching a documentary on that and trying to convince everybody in my life about it. The people who want to listen will, and the people who do not, won’t.

I am not in the convincing game. I am in the awareness game.

If you look into it, it makes TOTAL sense. The only reason that you would say it’s not is to protect some form of your ego. But that’s going to keep you TRAPPED in one level of the matrix. In order to be free, you have to free your mind. Then, you are limitlessly free.

The top load of this matrix is to understand that this whole physical reality is an illusion. Quantum physics has shown that every atom in your body is phasing in and out of this reality body twenty times per second.

You are not solid. This is an illusion.

There are different levels to the matrix. You could be programmed by your TV – that is the lowest in the matrix. You could still believe that hunger is something that should exist, or the fact that cancer is one in three now.

It used to be one in eight thousand back in the early nineteen hundreds. You might believe that all these things are not orchestrated for profits. You might believe that the pharmaceutical companies are actually here to help you when they make a profit of you being sick. Think about it.

There are always different levels of the matrix. The highest level of the matrix and the highest form of waking up is to understand that you are not this body. You are not this mind. You are the soul consciousness that sits behind.

This video is to point you in the thought direction of all these different things that are going on where the matrix in the world really exists.

Also, to let you know that this is all very GOOD. This is all necessary. These horrible atrocities that have occurred, they are what is now allowing humanity to move forward POWERFULLY.

It’s allowing humanity to connect as a global population, for the people to finally open up and take charge, and say:

“We, the people, demand love, peace and prosperity.”

We are finally kicking out the egoic structures of our societies. Those horrible structures had to bring us to this place of total BREAKDOWN, where the world financial systems are collapsing, people are sick and getting cancer in epic proportions.

Our air, food and water quality are all getting horrendous, the Earth can barely take us in anymore.

We had to get to this place of breakdown so that, as the world collective consciousness, we can break through in to the next generation, the next inneration of society in which peace, love and harmony are going to be experienced on a broad scale.

That is what I want you to understand out of all of these – not that the world is a scary place.

If you look, you’ll find how horrible and scary it is. But I encourage you to spend very little time, if any at all, doing that and to then, align yourself with your life’s purpose and sharing the good vibration of what is coming.

We are making this transition and it is going to be really beautiful on the other side.

This is my main advice for today!

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Noah Hammond

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