Ways to Make Money Online – It’s Possible!

Dream of escaping the nine-to-five lifestyle? Here are some ways to make money online and why anybody can start now.

Today, I am going to be talking about some ways to make money online. Specifically, I want to show you that it is POSSIBLE.

It’s possible for you. I mean YOU – you watching this video right now. You can make money online. You can quit your job, create your own income, live wherever you want and experience the freedom of an online income.

How do I know this is absolutely true? Well last year, more money was spent online on Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, than offline. More purchases were made online than offline. So, there is actually MORE money to be made online than offline.

That trend is only going to continue.

If you are making money offline right now working at a job, understand that you can join the millions of people who are making their money online.

The freedom that comes with that is living wherever you want, working the hours you want, being your own boss, living your passion, working and doing what you enjoy the most, leveraging your talents paired with an overall sense of freedom and lifestyle design.

Ways to Make Money Online – Infinite Possibilities!

I just want to show you guys in this video that it’s possible. The way I am going to do that is by pretty much rambling off the top of my head all the different ways that I know that you can make money online, only to show you the MULTITUDE of ways that there are to make money online.

You can create products. You can take whatever you are knowledgeable about, and we all have things that we are really knowledgeable about, and you can write a book about it. You can create an audio course about it. You can create a video series about it. You can sell this online.

You can do coaching. You can create a page that allows people to see your expertise and put it in places where people who are having that problem would go looking. They would find you and hire you as a coach or a consultant.

You can do advertising. You can create a website that gets a lot of visitors and then sell advertising on it.

You can do what is called cost-per-action websites where advertisers pay you for every person who signs up with an email address or a phone number. You are basically a middleman for advertisers.

You can even go the freelance route and offer your services online for graphic design, writing, web development, transcription work, voice overs or anything else that you can provide to somebody through a computer. There are online freelance websites where there are tons of people hiring and tons of jobs available.

You can do the model of local SEO (search engine optimization) making things show up in Google on purpose. I am going to put up a video about how actually simple this is to do. It sounds really complicated but when you get to a very high level in that industry, it’s not too complex.

It’s only getting simpler. So, you can take other local businesses that have no idea what they are doing and you can help them have an online presence and get paid monthly for doing so.

You can do joint ventures where you take other people with existing online businesses and you joint venture with them by offering your product or service for sale to their customers. You can then split the profits on it.

Or, you can do affiliate marketing where you do not even have to have your own product. You can take somebody else’s product and figure out a way to sell that online and take a commission.

And, you can COMBINE affiliate marketing with joint ventures!

You don’t need a product, a website or any customers because all you are doing is finding a good product from somebody and you are taking a joint venture partner with somebody else who already has customers to sell this product to.

So you are taking somebody with a product, connect it with somebody with customers and you get a commission on it and you have literally created nothing except for the CONNECTION between those two people.

If you are a salesperson, this sounds like a great thing for you. If you have great people skills which make you think:

“I can’t make money online. I do not know anything about computers.”

You don’t need to. All you need to do is offer your great people skills and simply connect people.

You can create an online store similar to an offline store except you don’t have electricity bills. You do not have to pay clerks. You do not have to stock inventory. You do not have to do ANY of that.

All you have to do is to have an online shopping cart and relationships to manufacturers so you can get wholesale pricing and sell it at retail and keep the difference. The manufacturers will even drop ship for you and send the items to the customers.

You don’t ever have to touch the inventory. You just have to put up the website where people buy the products and actually get people to that website.

There is a LOT of ways to make money online. The bottom line of this video is to show you that it’s POSSIBLE.

When I tell people that I am an online entrepreneur, they say:

“Oh, is there any money on that?”

It blows my mind every time. But, it’s only an awareness thing.

This is still a NEW concept to the world. There is INFINITE money to be made online. Is there a lot of money in that? Yes, there is SO much money online that you can’t really quantify it because, however much money you would like to create for your lifestyle, that much money exists online.

I simply wanted to throw out these ideas so you could start seeing some of the possibilities.

I have personally made money online doing products, coaching, lots of products and product creation, joint ventures, and affiliate marketing. I have an e-commerce store. I do that as well. I’ve tested a lot of these models and they ALL work.

It’s really mostly about what is right for YOU.

That’s why I want you to check out my other video called The Easiest Way to Make Money. It talks about cashing in on your passion. This is CRITICAL to add on to this video advice so that you can start to see a clear vision for the most fun, exciting and amazing way that you can make money online and create a lifestyle that is blissful, joyous, and expansive.

This is my main advice for today!

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Noah Hammond

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