What is Ego? How to Easily Identify and Bypass Ego

Today’s topic is critically important because when you understand it, it will allow you to powerfully learn everything else I will teach in any other videos.

The topic is how to get rid of your ego. The trick is really not intuitive for most people because the actual way to get rid of your ego is really NOT to!

What is Ego?

Let’s start with the basics because some of you may not really have a firm grasp of what the ego is. I can’t go into too much detail on it because we could talk about it for hours. Basically, what you need to understand is that ego is the part of your personality that identifies with self. It is the thing that identifies with the here and now.

It is the part of your brain that says “I am a Democrat” or “I am a Republican” or “I am Irish” or “I am Catholic”! It is that strict, rigid belief system or ego that will always keep you STUCK!

If someone teaches you something new that you have not heard before, it usually VIOLATES one of your current belief systems, this rigid structure of the way things are.

It is not just about who you are. It is about what reality is. It’s your belief on how the world is or should be.

Why does Ego Keep You Stuck?

Ego is what keeps people stuck because when you hear things which violate these structures, ego will make you resist this new information.

That’s why very simple things that we look at and laugh at now were, at one point, world changing! Think about the fact that the world is round or that the Sun is the center of the Universe.

When people first started talking about that, a lot of them were resisting it. They were thinking that it was not the way the world was. The world was FLAT! The EARTH was the center of the universe.

Scientists came up with those discoveries, and people put them in jail.

It sounds silly to us now but, back then, people’s ego structure and the way they identified with reality incorporated the world being flat or the earth being the center of the universe.

We now know these very simple things as FACTS.

But back then, growing up with that reality, those people were very resistant to the new idea or the different paradigm that maybe the world was round, or maybe the earth was not the center of the universe…

The same thing goes with people who are very strict with their own personal beliefs about who they are.

People think they are Republicans, which means they only believe the things that a Republican says. Or that they are Democrats, which means they ONLY believe the things that a Democrat says. But this is hurting you.

There are new points of view out there. There are other ways of looking at the world. Nobody who is being REAL with themselves can identify with these large group egoic structures because everybody has a different opinion and all different opinions are valid from different points of views.

Without getting into specifics like politics, what is important to understand is that your ego is what is going to make you see new information, a new point of view, a new tip or a new advice and immediately react negatively to it.

It will make you immediately react by thinking: “No, that is wrong” or “No, that can’t be right.”

The reason this topic is SO important is that it WILL hamper your growth.

Because the person who has never made money on the Internet before may think that it can’t work, the same way the person who has never had an abundant, loving relationship before thinks it does not really happen; that it’s “just in the movies.”

That is your current reality, the way you currently identify with the world. All these advices are here to bring you to NEW awareness and a NEW reality.

How to Bypass Ego? – Don’t Try!

So without getting anymore into ego, here is how to bypass ego and it is NOT intuitive so pay attention. To get past your ego, what you need to do is actually NOT try to get rid of it!

When you hear new information, new advices, new points of views, they may spark an egoic reaction in you. There is going to be an immediate feeling inside, a little voice saying: “No, that is not right” or “No, that does not make sense” or “This can’t work for me”.

What you really want to look for is simply the fact that this is a reaction because THAT is how you can identify ego.

It means that you are NOT SUPPOSED TO get rid of ego. You are actually just supposed to recognize it, allow it, and acknowledge it. That is what it is really looking for. It wants to be acknowledged so it feels safe.

Ego is a small part of you that is really tied to fear. If you learn this new thing, or understand this new view point, or achieve this new reality, it means your world is changing. Change is scary, especially to the ego that identifies with this structure, here and now, as reality.

It sees this change as its own DEATH!

The way to bypass it is not to resist it. Do not react to it with something like: “Shut up ego. I want to learn this.” All you have to do is acknowledge it. You will hear something new and there is going to be a reaction inside you like: “No, this cannot be right”

Then, ALL you have to do is acknowledge it this way: “Oh, OK. That was my egoic reaction. Now, how do I really feel about the information I am learning? Let me actually take an awareness to it. Let me weigh the facts; maybe do some additional research on my own. Let me look more into the subject. Let me test it out in my head, bring it out into my reality, see if it would work for me, if maybe it would help.”

Now you can actually process the information from a non-egoic state.

The way to get yourself there is to just allow your ego to do what it does, which is flare up and react, and acknowledge it with: “Oh that is my ego. He does not like it. He does not like a lot of things. What does my consciousness think? What does my actual awareness think?”

Ego will always come from a pre-programmed response. Awareness is always from a higher level of consciousness and will take your actual, omniscient thought. Really, it is about being non-attached to any previously conceived structure.

So if something is brand new, you are looking at it objectively. You are not thinking that it can’t be right because it is not how you have known things to be before. You are not thinking: “I am that so this cannot be right.” You are just saying: “Here is the new information. How does that integrate?”

This bypassing of ego, allowing it to react, seeing it, and acknowledging it, is what is going to allow you to really take in the information in a way that can powerfully add to your life.

It is CRITICAL to understand this because your ego WILL flare up at a lot of things. It does not matter how far down the path of self development you may or may not be, there will always be things that will cause an egoic reaction in you.

I do not want you to feel as though I am saying these things to cause you to take offense. Nothing I am saying here is to have you take offense.

I want you to just understand that it is this egoic reaction which identifies with your current reality. So, allow that to just be acknowledged and let yourself go to the other side of it.

Use your consciousness to decide if what we are talking about MIGHT ACTUALLY help you move forward in life.

That is the main advice from today!

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