What Now? – How to Set Clear Goals and Get What You Need Now

Today, we are going to be answering the question What now? What do I do now?

The reason we are going to be answering that question is because it pertains to a common error that I see in people who are setting goals, who are moving forward in life, who are trying to achieve their desires. They very often end up in a place where they are wondering:

“What now?”

The reason they end up in that place is because the goals that they are setting are for later. This is something that will undermine your ability to achieve anything. It will leave you floating in that place of:

“What now? I don’t know. I want THAT later. But what now?”

Let me clarify if maybe you are a little lost. What I mean is this. Very often, people set a goal and they set the goal for later.

“Right now, I am not sure what I want. But, later I want lots of money, or the perfect relationship, or that car, or this house, or this living situation, or to be learning that thing. Right now, it’s not the right time but later on, I really want that stuff, that stuff, and that stuff.”

It is a lack of self-worth and it is a lack of clarity.

Mostly, it’s a lack of clarity. They don’t yet believe that they deserve those things so those things are off in the future. They are not working on them NOW. But they also don’t see the clear bridge from where they are now to those things. So, those things are hanging out in the future and where they are now is:

“I don’t know yet.”

But that’s what you really want. When you set a goal for something in the future and you say:

“Oh, that’s something I am going to get in the future.”

That just means that you really want that thing but you are not allowing yourself to see the IMMEDIATE next step.

So the answer “What now?” and the way to set clear and powerful goals that move you forward is to ask yourself:

“What is the immediate next action I could take to move myself in the direction of that which I truly desire?”

Don’t think that because you can’t see a clear path from here to there that you can’t get there and that it’s for later. If you have the desire for it, it means that’s what is for now.

You would not have the desire if it was not meant to be actualized on right now. So, you take that desire and you say:

“Well, I have no idea how to actually get there. But, what’s one thing I could do right now to start moving in that direction? What is the next step I could take?”

That could even be the very first step:

“Oh, I am going to go look for training. Or, I am going to look for a coach. Or, I am going to offer the idea out to a group of my friends and see if they have any feedback for me.”

I am going into something. That’s the main thing though. It is to get yourself in action.

If your goals are out here and action is not clear, you are NEVER going to get there ever. But if you start taking action, it does not matter if they are little, tiny, baby steps. It does not matter. You START taking action and you ARE going to get there.

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