Who Am I? – How to Know You are the Soul

Today, I will talk about the fact that you are not your body. You are not your mind. What you truly are is the soul consciousness that sits behind.

This is the underlying truth of reality.

I want to explain it to you in a scientific way that anyone can really comprehend. Also, I will share my personal experience because I just had, not even five days ago, a very profound experience with this. I am very excited to share it.

Who Am I? – You are not Your Body and you are not Your Mind

What do I mean by you “not being your body and not being your mind”?

First, let’s start with your body. Every six months, you have new cells, ENTIRELY new cells throughout every part of your body, even down to your bones.

Every single one of the ten thousand trillion of cells that are in your body right now is not the same cell that was in your body six months ago.

This is a CONSTANT process. It is constantly happening. Your body’s matter changes completely every six months

Obviously, you are not your body because if you were, who you are would change completely every six months.

Now, why are you not your mind? Let’s use an example to illustrate this.

Can you think of a time when your mind was saying something that was absolutely crazy? Something outside the box or a weird impulse? If you do, you probably recall observing it and thinking: “Wow, my mind is thinking some crazy stuff right now.”

Think about it. You can recall OBSERVING your mind and watching it go into monkey chatter mode; thinking about thousands of different things at the same time…

It never stops. Your mind goes on with approximately thirty thousand thoughts a day and it keeps on going. You can TUNE IN sometimes and watch it do its thing. Then, you can also tune out and go off into space.

You are not your mind either because you can observe your mind. If you were your mind, you would not be able to observe yourself. You are the observing consciousness that sits behind the mind.

We are the Soul – But Where is the Soul?

Now, what my guru teaches is that this consciousness actually has a resting place. It is in your third eye which is, if you ever learned about the chakra system in yoga, between your eyebrow and at about a depth of your temple. In the center of your head lies this little soul spark of your consciousness.

There is a swan-shaped part of the brain that has a little cavern in it. That is where our soul consciousness lies.

It’s very close to what you probably saw in Men in Black or the people in Avatar. Their consciousness inhabits the Avatar body!

That is an underlying TRUTH. It is why we identify with that movie on this sub-conscious level because we see it and it speaks to us on a sub-conscious level of truth. We understand. Our soul understands that this is how reality REALLY works. But, our logical mind does not.

Why is this amazing to understand?

You are this INFINITE being, this infinite soul spark of consciousness, this energy that stems from the universal energy which we all come from…

Energy can’t be created or destroyed. Your consciousness can NEVER be exterminated. You are not this physical body, this flesh mobile. You are this consciousness that is animating it!

So when people die, I do not mourn for the person. I mourn for the other people who are feeling all these sad feelings as a result of losing somebody.

I mourn for myself, my own attachment, my DESIRE for that person to exist in my life.

But I do not mourn for the death of their body. We all die. It is like trading in your suit for a new one. You are the spark of consciousness.

What is really exciting is that I experienced this for myself truly, authentically, one hundred percent about four or five days ago. I decided to do twice as much meditation as I normally do. It took me a little bit over four hours on a Saturday. I spent from about 9:00AM till about 1:30PM meditating.

When I got up, for the first time ever, I felt myself as primarily this soul spark of consciousness, experiencing this physical body and experiencing this world.

Primarily, I was the soul spark of consciousness.

My initial, instinctive identification to me, to who I am, was that soul spark.

As opposed to being this physical body trying to experience this spiritual thing that is inside me, I was the spiritual thing experiencing this physical body.

It might sound very abstract to you. I can see that without having learned much about yoga, or much about the chakra system, or any of these concepts before, this can seem REALLY outside the box.

But through dedicated meditation I have now been able to EXPERIENCE this first hand. It is simply the truth to me. It is how reality works.

As you develop meditation and increase your awareness, reality, new things become true. This is how it works. That is why I was really excited to make this video because I now had experiential knowledge of this truth. It was not something I only read in a book.

I hope that has opened your eyes to the limitless potential that you are. To the infinite soul consciousness that inhabits your body that is the true identity of who you are. I hope that it leads you to some really big questions. I hope if anything, it was helpful in understanding that there is MORE to this world than meets the eye.

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