Why am I Depressed? Important for All to Hear!

Today, we are going to be answering the question: “Why am I depressed?”

Now, if you are not actually depressed, but simply have problems managing your emotions, you should also learn how to control emotions. But for now, let’s dive into depression!

Why am I So Depressed? What Is The Matter With Me?

What I want to let you know right off the bat is that most likely, NOTHING is the matter with you. It’s not a chemical imbalance that you were born with. You are not un-fixable. You are NOT broken.

Nothing is wrong with you.

What I want to do is to shed some light on an area that Mary Anne Williamson really shed some light on for me at the “Lighting in a Bottle” music festival last year in 2011.

She says this is the reason why depression is on the rise in the Western cultures at an ASTRONOMICAL rate. It’s unheard of. The amount of people who are being diagnosed as depressed and who are being fed with depression medications is unbelievable.

Depression medications completely turn you OFF. They turn you into a ROBOT. They turn you off from your ability to connect to your divine creation. They turn you off from your soul.

They NUMB you.

This video is going to explain to you WHY you are feeling depressed. This is something CRITICAL to share and spread because all these people who are being misdiagnosed and misfed these depression poison, we need to get them aware of what is REALLY going on and off of these pills.

What Mary Anne Williamson said was this.

They did a study with a group of chimps. What they say was that the group of chimps had a percentage of their population that seemed depressed…

These monkeys were showing signs of depression. What they noticed and found curious was that it seemed like the same amount of the percentage in THEIR population that was depressed correlated to the same amount of the percentage in OUR population that is depressed.

So they said:

“I wonder what will happen if we just take the depressed chimps out of the society?”

So, they took ALL the depressed chimps out of the society and they came back not even two weeks later to find that the whole society had been wiped out. They were all DEAD.

What happened in this experiment?

What happened is that these depressed chimps were the warning signs for the rest of society. They were the ones saying:

“I don’t know guys… I think a lion is going to come today.”

“I don’t know. I think the weather is going to be pretty bad. A bad storm is coming.”

They were the warning signs. Without them, the happy monkeys died.

Why are SO many human beings becoming depressed? Why is it rising and rising at an INCREDIBLE rate? What is going on? Is there SO many people born with something wrong with them?

Absolutely, NOT!

What is going on is that the world, our culture as a planet is on a sinking ship. We are in DANGER. We are poisoning our Earth. We are poisoning the water, air, soil, and ourselves.

We are genetically modifying our food and murdering off our natural seed crops. We are doing SO much damage at such an ACCELERATING rate and beyond that, we are all connected in a unified consciousness.

You Are There to Warn Us!

Because, in the Western culture, our media is controlled, we don’t see the fact that fifteen thousand children are dying of starvation everyday across the road.

We don’t see the BILLION people who are starving, who do not have enough to eat, who are suffering. We do not see the genocides going on around the world. We do not see this suffering.

But we are in a unified field of consciousness and we FEEL it. So, without seeing it, but feeling it, we have no choice but to look inside and say:

“Why am I feeling this way? Why am I depressed? What is wrong with me? There must be something wrong with me.”

There is nothing wrong with you. There is something wrong with the world and the way we are operating.

We NEED you to be our warning sign. We need you to be that beacon, that voice of reason.

“Maybe, we should not be starving and murdering each other. Maybe, we should not be destroying the earth.”

All these are warning signs.

We need you right now to stop taking anti-depression medicine, to stop being a robot, to stop anaesthetizing yourself and becoming NUMB to your own warning signs. This medication is complete poison. It’s not serving you and it’s definitely NOT serving the planet.

If we give this medication to every depressed person, pretty soon, everyone is going to be numb. Nobody is going to be saying:

“Hey, we are on a sinking ship. We got to turn this thing around. We are all going to die as a species.”

So, this is a wakeup call.

Why are you depressed? Because there is plenty of stuff to be depressed about! Tap into it! Be aware of it. Be aware of your calling as someone to share this feeling. Maybe, use this new awareness to begin your progression back to a happy, joyous, and balanced life where you no longer think there is something wrong with you that can’t be fixed and that needs to be medicated.

You no longer think that you are BROKEN and that the world is a scary, awful place, and that you are always going to feel this way.

Understand where all these feelings are coming from. Understand that you are tapped into the unified consciousness. You are more sensitive and attuned to it than other people.

If you know people who are numbing themselves with these awful medications right now, please share this video. Get it out there. Help them understand what is really going on. If you need help to learn how to teach, please watch my other video for further advice.

As a global community, we can come together to voice our opinions. It’s already happening. People are already protesting and there is MASSIVE change on the horizon. But we need more and MORE people to be awake and less and less people to be numbing themselves with this poison.

I hope that has been helpful. I hope that has been enlightening. I hope that you can share this with somebody who will find benefit in it.

That is the main advice from today! Please, if you have any questions or comments, join the conversation and comment below. I personally respond to every comment possible and would love to hear from you!

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